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Ghajar - Whats your say?

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Since EAYOR is closed, I wanted to have a discussion on Ghajar and the recent approved pullout by Israel.
Questions I have is:
1) Do you think this pullout was just so in the next review of UN resolution 1701 Israel cannot be scrutinized for occupying lands?
2) Do you think the people of Ghajar are really Lebanese? They all (supposedly) claim to be Syrian, and they all have Israeli citizenship
3) Should this pullout be decided by the Israeli cabinet or should it have been decided with Ghajarian input as this pullout will technically split the village into a north and south?
4) What does this land mean to Lebanon in the end? Will we gain anything from re-owning it, will it affect Hezballah's platform, or will this essentially serve no purpose?

For those that want a quick read on the story see:
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1) not the only reason, but to answer your question yes.

2) Lebanese or not they don't seem too attached to Lebanon anyway!

3) In a perfect world the Ghajarians should have some input, but due to the political situation you simply can't please everyone!

4) It will serve no purpose. In the bigger scheme of things it's only a sliver piece of land, with no natural resources. Definitly not worth the loss of innocent lives. Hisballah seems to get their support by inflating the pride of their followers. so ghajar will have no affect on the party's agenda. there is still shebaa, etc. and sides even if we do get all our land back they already said they won;t stop there.
Keep in mind this is not the border this is to comply with the Blue Line. Two completely different things.
^^ I never understood why the Blue Line is not on the border?!
^^ I never understood why the Blue Line is not on the border?!
me neither! they wanted to not delve into the shebaa issue
This thread will remain open as long as it stays non-political. Simply discuss/exchange information on the pull-out.
I thought the blue line isnt the border because it was decided by the UN, not by us. So the blue line was this fake border that Israel had to pull out from.. but that is about it. Cannot be made a real border because our government didn't take any part in creating it, and on top of that it fails to include Shebaa Farms, so if it were our border then it means we give up that area entirely
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