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WITH an inflation rate hovering at a about eight per cent, a stable polity and fiscal policy regime, huge returns on investments and hospitable people, Ghana should be a haven for Nigerian investors wishing to see a rapid growth in their businesses.

This was the message from Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Mrs. Zita Okaikoi, and other top executives who were in Nigeria to woo not just holiday-makers who have in recent years made Ghana their favourite destination, but also the business community.

Also supporting this move was the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and his wife, Oluremi.
Addressing the media at the just-concluded sixth edition of Akwabba 2010 – Africa Travel Market - held in Lagos, Okaikoi said: “I have invited you for this special media encounter to officially tell Nigerian tourists that Ghana should be your vacation destination henceforth.”

She added that tourism in Ghana had assumed growing importance rising to the fourth revenue earner for the country, generating $1.6 billion, after gold, cocoa and remittances from Ghanaians resident abroad and contributing 6.4 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Okaikoi said these among others, were good enough reasons for Nigerians to invest in the country, insisting that the success level so far achieved in the country was unprecedented. “This has never happened before and it is a good enough reason for you to come and invest,’’ he said.

Nigerians, she said, were warmly welcomed to the country, pledging the support of her government in ensuring that they have a level-playing field. According to her, Nigeria and Ghana have a common heritage and ancestry, and there is no reason Nigerians should not invest in the country where they are guaranteed huge and quick returns on investment with minimal stress as the manpower and other requirements for a striving business are readily available in the country.

According to Tinubu, Ghana and Nigeria should pursue a common destiny; both countries are vastly and uniquely blessed and should together drive the economic growth of the west coast and African continent.
What do you guys think?
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