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Is a pitty that Gjirokastra is in such condition nowdays. Gjirokastra is the most original place in Albania and must be (have been) protected.

My grandfather (mother side) was from there (Babameto family). My father was born in the nearby village of Jargucat (just before WWII) when his father was serving as mayer (kryetar komune), and he also did his military service nearby.

A cousin of mine, a painter specialised in graphicas and iconography was in love with the city and it is represented in many of his works.

I never been there though, except once, on the way to Saranda.
Vlora, Saranda, Korca and Fier ARE economically more important then Gjirokastra, but no way are they more important culturally and architecturally.

Gjirokastra is a city like no other and must be under UNESCO and Albanian Goverment protectorat.

Is Albanian tradition and herritage fading away, we're talking about, and not who builds more flashy resturants and bars.
Football Rules said:
The most original place in Albania? :runaway:
Gjirokastra is a small city with little importance.
South has Vlora , Saranda, Korca and Fier who are way more important than Gjirokastra.
We are not talking about the economic and demographic importance of Gjirokastra (at least not me). Whaty I'm pointing out is that Gjirokastra has a cultural and traditional architectural importance, therefore should be protected and preserved.

Is one of the few pearls of our Albanian herritage, along with Berat, something that we should be proud to show to the rest of the world, unfortunatelly we can't do that sucessfully on their current conditions.

If we Albanians want to forget that city, then don't blame our south neighbours for trying to get hold of it. If that happen, it will be OUR fault and not theirs.
Yes, but the Albanian Goverment should be more involved in GJR, to be a present force overthere, to show to the people that they care about them. The fact that the Greek influence is very strong, is one more reason for the goverment NOT to forget about the place. We can't afford to loose them, we should remind them what they really are: ALBANIANS.
Nje nder qytetet me te bukura qe kane shqiptaret! Duhet rikonstruktuar menjehere!
Rikonstruksioni ka filluar qysh me anetaresimin e Gjirokastres ne UNESCO dhe vazhdon...
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