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There will be a multitude of council committees and departments who want their say and try to impose their idea of how the area should be developing, not least the Planning department. The council still has to formally adopt the findings.

The long-term idea behind this scheme is that every part of it, practical and desirable is fed into the system: the planning dept., roads and highways, housing etc., etc., etc.
The danger as, as is always the case, that these proposals become diluted, are mis-interpreted or like many a scheme before it are merely grist to the mill of time and lack of funds. That is the harsh reality of it.

An elected Mayor of an expanded Greater Glasgow standing on a ticket of regeneration is the way to go I think. Guys like the present incumbent leader have neither the executive experience nor authority to push an agenda all the way and to stand on their achievements.They can be readily booted out of office if incompetent or not delivering. Time for ScotGov to legislate for one.

Totally agree with the idea of a City Mayor. I think all of Scotland's cities are crying out for this at the moment. We need 1 person to represent the city and work hard for the city. In London, Boris made greening the streets and creating a more modernised public transport infrastructure (including cycling) his priority. In other countries, like Canada and the US, it's the same story. The Mayor tends to get elected on a promise to clean up and modernise the city. The current structure just enables council leaders to shrug their shoulders and blame everything on the fact that they are really just a local councillor with an inflated title.
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