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Globe House, London

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Globe House
Floors: 8
Floorspace: 16,000m2
Tennant: British American Tabacco

Hey, i thought i would move this convo out of the New Street Square Thread into its own. I think it is a pretty good building and looks like some thought has gone into its riverside frontage.

mespede: That's British American Tabacco Building on Embankment

ill_tonkso:[/B/ Cheers

Officer Dibble
^^ That's British American Tabacco Building on Embankment
indeed. globe house, it's called. i used to work in its predecessor on the site, an ugly concrete lump of the same name.

as opposed to the ugly concrete lump that's therenow? Heh

Officer Dibble: well, ugly stucco lump if you don't like it. but trust me, it's a big improvement. the last one was cheap and nasty.

Monkey: ^ I remember that being built. I think it's a good riverfront building. It faintly echoes Embankment Place a few blocks down.

Delores: I agree, more of this sort of building along the river would help the river look a lot more impressive..obviously minus the pomo look of the building

and-r: i think its a pretty good building until you get to the roof. it lets it down. but actually like the general style of the building theres a nice sense of detail that i think is important for a building of the northbank. id be happy if those dated concrete lumps further up northbank were replaced with this modern classic style

DarJoLe: Looks like one of those 'classical' Las Vegas hotels. In other words neither classical and bordering on the slightly ridiculous. Terry Farrell?
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Not sure why it needs its own thread . It was built quite a few years ago & isn't particuarly tall. Maybe it needs moving into the completed projects thread.
Ah yes, thats true, I just wanted to seperate it our of the New Street Square Thread and get that thread back on topic.
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