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gm+ad:(not) black and white

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We've an exhibition of our recent work at the Lighthouse, started 16th April. The offical opening bash will be on the 6th May, the day we're also due to speak at the convention.

Gleegie, ******, M Riaz, Jsweeney, Boy David, Crusty, meagain, Be Happy, et al...........if you can send me your contact details by email, I'll make sure you get an invitation, if you're interested . :)
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I'd be interested ad at home :)

pgcc at
Thanks alan sent you my details :)
Cheers Alan, very kind of you. I was in the Lighthouse t'other week having a look at the 6000m exhibition... all very whimsical, I was surprised at your piece being a restoration job too! ;)

Crusty :)
Sounds great Alan - so very kind of you!

One question though, what time does the whole thing start at?
I took a quick visit today, was really impressed by the broomielaw/clyde street panorama illustration in its full scale, how long does a piece like that take you alan?
I really wish i had a recognisable style of drawing like yourself.
the drawing took about 10 days in all Russell and was done for our submission for the bridge project. It's actually been cropped and stretches to the Briggait but the cantilever was too much for the exhibition space at the scale we wanted, so it stops at St Andrews Catherdral.

There are two drawings all thogether, long perspective and cross perspective. The cross perspective has not yet been on show.

Anyway thanks for all your responses to my invitation, your details have been forwarded to the Lighthouse and you will get a response................if not let me know.
Ooops dunno what happened but I posted a response on here last night but for some reason Skyscrapercity decided to crash and looks like it took my response with it. Answer is yes please Alan. Can't turn down an opportunity to see one of your hand drawn magnum opus's! Will PM you my details if it is not too late!


not too late at all mate, if anything I'll stand at the door to make sure you get too Gleegie and JSweeney, it's the least I can do for helping with Unicorn.
alan, is it open to the public? if so ill stick it on my site.
This perspective?

I'd love to see the new one!

What else is on show? What's the difference between the public and VIP displays?
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^^^ I never get tired of that perspective. A true touch of class.

I can see what you mean about drawing style Russell, that drawing above has a very unique feel to it.

Would indeed love to see the new one aswell!
That's the one gleegie, the other is a cross perspective from Argyle Street southward, with the leaning tower in the background.

Anyway, it's on at the Lighthouse Gothic, Scotland's Centre for Architecture Design and Art Lighthouse&
Sorry if my silence came across as a tad ignorant, I haven’t been able to respond any sooner due to the fact that I have been down in Bristol all week, so unfortunately I’ve been out of the loop for the past few days. Alan, I would most certainly be interested in coming along to your multifaceted exhibition. Haven’t actually been back to the Lighthouse since 1999 believe it or not! In particular it would be great to admire your fantastic draughtsmanship skills in the flesh. That is an absolute stoater of a perspective drawing! Good to see the old order is still going strong, not submitting to the ‘CAD’ design tool monopoly, or CGI like everyone else in these types of trades. The only problem is that I will be down in Pompey from the Wednesday and will only get back up the road on Friday, so I’m afraid it will be a bit touch and go to see if I can make it or not!

Thanks again for your kind offer, and I’ll send you through my details via PM…
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Your draughtsmanship is amazing Alan, everyone that sees that perspectice loves it! Have to admire your logistical skills as well in dealin with such a huuuge piece of paper.... how the hell do fit that onto a drawing board?!

Pure dullion by ra way!!! lol

I've got the world's longest drawing board and T square.......... with an office attached, crusty.
hahahaha... so by that do you mean you used the board-table and a length of skirting board then? ;)
Looking at the detail included and the fines pen-manship, Id say at least a good few metres! Im sure it says somewhere in one of the threads but its too difficult to find now theres no search facility :(
it's 8 metres the crow flies
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