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In 10th century Gniezno became the main city and capital of the early Piast dynasty rulers: Mieszko I and Boleslaw Chrobry, the founders of the Polish State. It is here that the Gniezno Congress (Meeting at the tomb of Saint Adalbert) took place in the year 1000 AD, during which Boleslaus I the Brave (Boleslaw Chrobry), the first king of Poland, received Otto III, the Emperor of Germany. The two monarchs celebrated the foundation of the Polish ecclesiastical province (archbishopric) in Gniezno, with newly established bishoprics in Kolobrzeg for Pomerania; Wroclaw for Silesia; Krakow for Little Poland and already existing since 968 bishopric in Poznan for western Greater Poland. Gniezno cathedral witnessed royal coronations of Boleslaus I the Brave in 1024, his son Mieszko II Lambert in 1025. The cities of Gniezno and nearby Poznan were captured, plundered and destroyed in 1038 by the Czech duke Bretislav, what pushed the next Polish rulers to move the Polish capital to Cracow. The archepiscopal cathedral was reconstucted by the next ruler Boleslaus II of Poland who was crowned king here in 1076. In the next centuries Gniezno evolved as a regional seat of eastern part of Greater Poland, and in 1238 municipal autonomy was granted by the duke Wladislaw Odonic. Gniezno was again the croronation site in 1295 and 1300. The city was destroyed again by the Teutonic Knights invasion in 1331, and after an administrative reform became a county site in the Kalisz Voivodship (since 14th century till 1768). Gniezno was hit by heavy fires in 1515, 1613, was destroyed during the Swedish wars of the 17th-1th centries and by a plague of 1708-1710. All this caused depopulation and economic decline, by the city was soon revived during the 18th century to became the Gniezno voivodship site in 1768.

Royal Coronations in Gniezno Cathedral

25 December 1024 - Boleslaus I the Brave
25 December 1025 - Mieszko II Lambert
25 December 1076 - Boleslaus the Generous
26 June 1295 - Przemysl II and his wife Margaret
August 1300 - Wenceslaus II of Bohemia

The city:

A. Mickiewicz University (in Poznan) - Collegium Europaeum Gnesnense

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