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GO Canada

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Can some one tell me, why is it that Canada has less hockey teams then the Americans. Canadian's do you think that Canada should create another NHL team, and why. If so which Province and city.

Canada should get more teams, so us Canadian's can get a stronger chance of winning the stanley cup more often. I think we should have another team in Victoria, B.C...*_?pce
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New hockey team

I think that Hamilton would support a team. They have so many people to draw from in Southern Ontario and Western New York.

Winnipeg and Quebec City should be reconsidered. They supported their teams well. It was just greedy owners who screwed those cities.

Finally, could Saskatoon or Regina support an NHL team, and would Americans know where those places are?

one more thing.........put a team in Yellowknife or Whitehorse and have the games outside. Can you imagine what the home teams record would be. I see the headlines now "Yellowknife Diamonds have 41-0 home record this season, an NHL record"

What do you all think?
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