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Goal-line Technology

Here's link to all FIFA certified Goal-line technology installations, currently 30 stadia:

Most of the stadia with GLT installations are in England and Brasil.

The German Bundesliga (to be correct the DFL) decided not to introduce Goal-line Technology (GLT) for now, because the clubs obviously decided they'd rather not want to spend the extra money on the costs involved.

The stadium in my hometown in Aachen here is currently the only stadium in Germany, which has a GLT installation by the way, because the GoalControl company which developed the installation is in a town nearby and they use this stadium as testsite.
The club here is currently playing in the 4th league which is officially an amateur league. So the Tivoli seems to be the most modern amateur league stadium in the world by far. :nuts:

How about your country? Are they planning to introduce Goal-line Technology or or have they also decided not to for now, like they did in Germany for the first and second Bundesliga?
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