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Going downtown on the trolley, May 12, 2007

Reconstruction of the Palm Garden bridge has interrupted light rail service from Dormont to downtown, so I had to board a trolley at Potomac and ride south to Overbrook, and then transfer to Willow (just a short walk) and a 47S train to downtown. It makes a long ride, but the day was pleasant and the route is scenic. This is the 44S trolley at Overbrook.

A couple of neighborhood shots while waiting for the trolley. Technically, in contemprorary terms it's light rail, but I heard most riders referring to it as the trolley.

I walked around downtown and took photos for a while before going to the meet location at Mellon Square.

There's something incongruous about this. The elegant Granite Building is defaced at street level by an ugly sign over the entrance, identifying a "beauty supply" company

This is one of my favorite Pittsburgh street vistas. It's even better on a weekday, when the street and sidewalks are busy.

Mellon Square is a nice public space that could benefit from a sprucing-up. I have yet to see the fountains operating, and it's overrun with pigeons because people feed them.

Railroad bridge crossing the Allegheny River and leading to Pennsylvania Station

Convention Center
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