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Hi friends. well finally after 4 years of not being back home, this summer we are going to Kyiv. Unfortunately we sold our flat many years ago, so we need a place to stay. When we went 4 years ago our friend found a flat that we rented for a month for $200. But sinse then prices have started soaring.

We have looked into Hotels, but do not trust them. So we need to rent a flat. We would like to have it near Prospect Rodyanskoyi Ykraini on Vinogradir, but Obolon or anywhere really, but those would be preffered. But we need a flat that is close to public transportation like metro or bus.

We cannot afford these new services where they offer flats for rent like for $50 a night or more.

We need to rent a flat for a month and cheap.

perhaps someone can also refer me to a Kyiv classifieds on the web?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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