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Going to Zurich first time, need help !

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Hi, I just learnt that I will be in Zurich for work from Nov 8th to nov 14th, and would have last 2 days to do whatever.

I love walking, hiking, meeting friendly people in bars (to learn about the local things & culture).

I want to goto the Hilt vegetarian restaurant, what else can I do in two days & two nights? I heard that Zurich is pretty quiet at night. Is that true?

I'll be staying by airport, so nearby places are cool too, but downtown is where I would like to explore and perhaps plan my next visit there.

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Everything you need to know as a tourist you will find here:

Bars and nightlife you can find in the old town, even more along "Langstrasse" and some vibrant clubs for electronic music at "Hardbrücke". Friday and saturday nights get very busy.
quiet at night? lmao..just follow the crowd, dont b shy...or check out!
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