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Hey all,

I just uploaded the first batch of photos from the Gold Coast Aerial Photo Library

Any requests or places you would like shot write it up... otherwise keep watching as there are still another 2,500 on top of the 2,000 photos to go online.

Here are a few photos from the library... on Broadbeach Q1 in Surfers Paradise

Another photo of the Q1

The Surfers Paradise Skyline

Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Broadbeach skyline

Clear Island Waters

Southport looking south towards Surfers Paradise

Oceana on Broadbeach

Sovereign Islands

Surfers Horizons, Rio Dolphin, Rio Swordfish in Palm Beach


Ephraim Island

I have thousands more, but I figure you can look for yourself if it interests u.



As long as I Know...
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Barra da Tijuca in Rio is very similar too Gold Coast, but hav shorter towers...but the location is really similar!

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I didn't realize Surfer's Paradise was a city itself but rather just a popular stretch of beach...quite a skyline anyhow.:)
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