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Gold coast new towers

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Q1 tower 322.5m

soul tower

the oracle

under construction
circle on cavill

the wave



Southport central


doaphin towers

visions but they dont have renders yet
90 storey transit center
67 story ana hotel tower mix use
elite towers
40 floors era
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Beautiful. I'm in love with Soul.
I remember seeing a miniature of the Soul tower when I was in Aussie back in December. I didn't know what it was, so I thought it was an old version of Q1. :D

I really can't wait to see all these built. once they're all done, GC is gonna have the best skyline in the whole Southern Hemisphere. :righton:
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a night time render of soul it is ment to start in the next few months
before the end of the finacial year
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looks nice... good design congratulations
Gold coast is very nice resort city. Its skyline is also impressive.
Sierra Grand

Does anyone know of the Sierra Grand project in Broadbeach???
broadie said:
doaphin towers
*cough* complex federation *cough*
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sierra grand

Sierra Grand in Broadbeach, Qld Australia
Great stuff!
Hopefully the GC will have more great projects to come.
wow....the Gold Coast is certainly coming into its own. Some of the buildings remind me of the Dubai '6 Star' hotel with the heli pad...i think the buildings are stating to all look the same though...pity, cause while Q1 is an impressive buildings - the observation deck is superb - actually living there seems a bit too sterile. I stayed in a 2 br on level 38 and it was okay - high enough! - but soulless. Let's hope Soul is does not become known as 'Soulless' and the Gold Coast as the Grey Coast.
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Yankee visitor said:
Does anyone know of the Sierra Grand project in Broadbeach???
Sierra Grand is being built by the same company that is currently building the tower "Verve." It's construction will not begin before the completion of "Verve," which is likely at the latter end of this year.
the 72storey/240m SOUL is half sold and will stat construction in October.
it has finest location of any residential tower in oz.

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SOUL is an exceptional building.
Gold Coast is getting some great projects!

Except those two huge penises wearing little hats.
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