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I have always been approached by golfers telling me how the golfs they played in were among the best of the world! Can we try and prove this? Seeing the great emphasis on tourism of the forum, I feel the golf niche is immensely important.
Due to the close distance to europe, cheaper prices, and the richer clientele that arrive to spend more money. British have been the target par excellence...

Between the sumptuous El Jadida, Dar Es-salam, the high golf planned in the atlas mountain by emaar, Amelkis in Marrakech, Agadir, Tangiers, Mohammedia...

There are so many... lets try and upload the pictures!!

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Palmeraie Golf Club
This 18 hole course, located in a lush oasis 15 minutes north of Marrakesh, was designed by Robert Trent Jones. It has views of the majestic Atlas mountains and a horizon dotted with white medinas. The American-style course runs through a valley and there are thousands of palm trees and 7 lakes as well as numerous sand hazards to contend with. The ochre walls of the Moorish-style clubhouse forms a striking centrepiece to the course design.

Rated number 9 in Morocco by Golf Digest (USA), April 2005

18 holes, par 72

g Men’s (Pro) 6214 metres SSS 74

g Men’s (Am) 5721 metres SSS 71

g Ladies (Pro) 5292 metres SSS 74

g Ladies (Am) 4860 metres SSS 71

Pro Shop, Restaurant, Bar; Club rental, buggies, caddies; Driving range, putting green, chipping green, lessons,&svnum=10&hl=en&lr=&sa=G

Marrakech Royal Golf Club

Marrakech, Morocco

Built in the 1920s by the pasha of Marrakech, the Royal Golf Club of Marrakech (pictured) is one of the longest established in Morocco. Constantly renovated and improved, it is also one of King Hassan II's favourite courses. Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and General Eisenhower have also played here. It is a course of extreme beauty. Located at the feet of the Atlas mountains, the course has cypress, eucalyptus, palm, olive, orange and apricot trees.

Rated number 3 in Morocco by Golf Digest (USA), April 2005

18 holes, par 72, 6120 m

No handicap restriction

Amelkis Golf Club

Marrakech, Morocco

This is a new Cabell Robinson design course located next to the Marrakech Royal Golf Club, with wonderful views of the snow-covered Atlas Mountains. Although fairly open, this is a challenging course with plenty of water hazards, bunkers and mounds.

Rated number 10 in Morocco by Golf Digest (USA), April 2005
Rated Number 3 in Morocco by Golf Digest Magazine (USA), October 2003

18 holes, par 72, 6657 m

No handicap restriction. Caddies are mandatory.

Mohammedia Royal Golf Club

Casablanca, Morocco

The Mohammedia Royal Golf Club, located outside Casablanca, dates from the 1920s and each hole offers something new. The first runs between two lines of pines and eucalyptus; the second runs alongside a restless sea and white dunes; the ninth is back in the woods. There are colourful flowers everywhere and golfers will have to deal with wind.

Rated Number 5 in Morocco by Golf Digest Magazine (USA), October 2003

18 holes

Par 72

5400 m


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Thx atlas... great pics..

Apparently there is a british website that makes all its business by selling moroccan golf travel plans. This once again shows the important role that the sport can play in our economy.

I also found a nice picture for the golf of el jadida, only Im not sure how to upload pictures???

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Moroccan Golf courses

In morocco, where nature presents such a majestic spectacle, golf has found its roots and its culture with more than 200 holes to delight the dedicated player.

At Marrakesh, the fairways are laid out on a plateau dominated by the eternal snows of the Atlas mountains, snake their way between the cypress and pine trees on the hills at Tangier, stand surrounded by a forest of century-old oaks at Rabat and by the joyful colours of the heather, tamarisk and gorse at Cabo Negro, follow the dunes at Agadir and even extend to the heart of the imperial city of Meknes where they form, part of the Royal Palace park.

Fourteen golf courses in all, and fourteen masterpieces ... which will number thirty by the year 2000, designed by such international masters as Robert Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Cabell B. Robinson.

Golf was first introduced into Morocco at the beginning of the century even before football - and has since become a national passion. This craze for the game is also a reflection of royal favour, since golf, the king of sports, is the favourite sport of His Majesty King Hassan II, who has acquired international ranking by creating the competition for the elegant and much-prized Hassan II Trophy.

All the golf clubs described in this website are open to the public, even if access to them is sometimes limited to players possessing a handicap card. The green fee varies between 100 and 500 dirhams. Most courses offer club hiring facilities as well as caddies or electric carts. Some are closed one day a week.



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Le golf se pratique au Maroc depuis le début du 20e siècle

Le golf n'a pas été introduit au Maroc par les voyageurs occidentaux mais se pratique sur le territoire marocain depuis le début du 20e siècle, avant même le football, écrit "L'Equipe magazine" dans sa dernière édition.

Dans un article intitulé "Agadir, là où le golf est roi", le magazine français souligne que cette discipline sportive a été développée au Maroc par feu S.M. Hassan II, faisant remarquer que pas moins de 14 terrains sont répartis aujourd'hui sur les plus beaux sites du pays.

"Temple du golf marocain", Agadir, qui compte à elle seule trois clubs -Le Royal, le Golf des Dunes et le Golf du Soleil- dispose de "conditions idéales" pour s'adonner à la pratique de ce sport, ajoute-il.

Le magazine relève que d'autres parcours sont en construction pour "répondre au succès de ce sport qui attire chaque année de plus en plus de joueurs" et que les écoles sont nombreuses, avec un encadrement de professionnels.
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