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Goochland is an unincorporated community, and is the seat of Goochland County, northwest of Richmond. The population is around 850.

Goochland is named for Sir William Gooch, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia from 1727 to 1749.

The Goochland County Courthouse on Courthouse Circle in the middle of the courthouse square. The courthouse was built in 1926 in a Jeffersonian style, supposedly with Thomas Jefferson's own specifications that were used in the Buckingham County Courthouse a couple counties to the west.

The courthouse is a full Roman temple form with widely-spaced Tuscan columns.

A monument to the Confederate dead, on the lawn in front of the courthouse. The monument was dedicated in 1918.

The Goochland County Clerk's Office, on the courthouse square. The office was built in 1847.

The old county jail, on Courthouse Circle. The jail was built in 1826.

The James Knibb Building, on the courthouse square. The structure was built in 1906.

Buildings on River Road. The original brick wall surrounding the courthouse complex, built in 1840 to keep wandering cattle out in this rural county, is in the foreground.

Grace Episcopal Church, on River Road. The church was built in 1876.

Brightly, on River Road. The plantation house was built in 1842, and is now a bed & breakfast.

A building on River Road.

Buildings on River Road.

A house on River Road.

A house on River Road.

Businesses on River Road.

A building on River Road.

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