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Here's some pictures of Bathurst, NB I took on my long drive around the north of the province. The population of Bathurst was 12,924 in 2001, with the surrounding area being 23,935. I won't do much commentary, just post the pictures. Other than a couple of taller buildings, Bathurst reminded me of a combination of North Sydney and Sydney Mines' downtowns.

If you're getting red x's, right click and show picture.

Having never been to these places, I had to find a sign in town with the place name on it. This is all I found for Bathurst (other than highway signs)

The building it was attached to


Why they put this as the front...

And this as the side, I'll never understand. I thought you wanted to make your building attractive to market it. :rolleyes:

There's not too many times you see the side look better than the streetfront and waterfront faces...even on ugly buildings.

What's a city without a trailer park. ;)

Anybody see Bubbles?


For full size on this one, click the picture
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