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Goran's Sydney Day Out - Take a Look!

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Cool, I really like zoom shots from North Sydney towards the city, especially ones with the big freeway and harbour bridge in them.

Garden Island Naval base looks busy, lots of ships in.
Great shots! That panorama has gotta be up there with the best of Sydney panos.

Just one thing though, you go to the trouble of framing all the pics, watermark, color correct etc, why not rotate tham a bit so they straighten up and get rid of that slant in some of them?
^^ thanx. i do rotate them believe me. there were just to many to do so those that were 'acceptable' i just left be lol
Fair enough mate. :) Another good photo tour.
Great pics, the panorama and the north sydney shot looking down the freeway to the bridge is great.
Which Goran is this one?
Oh, the one from Leopold Turn :lol:
?????????????????????????????? You know that howwwwwwww?
woo cheers to the ppl that commented. feels like no1 looks at these things anymore :(
Nice work Goran, funny how we both put online photos of very similar, neighbouring areas but they turn out completely different.
Great. You get a glimpse don'tcha, of why Cul for instance keeps saying there's really no comparable skyline in Australia. There is ...but you get a glimpse - of where he's coming from, that is :

btw, lot of Navy ships city sitting around Garden Island in one of those pictures. I counted eight. Nothing to do, men ??
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You've captured the density of Sydney very well. Lots of detail!!!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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