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I read rumours 6 or more months ago on here that it wasn't happening but a Google search just now came up with a LinkedIn page for it which, if I'm reading it right, was updated not too long ago (the dates on the post with 4 internal photos says "2mo" which I assume means posted 2 months ago). The link is here ( and it shows interiors of restaurant & bar, rooftop and a studio room. It's looking like it's all still going forward.

There is also a web site but that is pretty content-free at the moment. Still, at least it's alive and not a "this domain is parked - do you want to buy it?" type of landing page so also encouraging. The web site link is and it's pretty much just the same photos as were posted on the LinkedIn page.

Does anyone know the launch/opening date? The original concept was also to be quite arty and have some gallery display space with a job advertisement for someone to manage/curate that activity on the LinkedIn page when I last went to that page ages ago. I wonder whether that is still part of the vibe they are going for.

Edit: I have a horrible feeling someone is going to make me feel like an idiot and tell me that those "photos" are just really good renders and not the real thing. Oh well. I wait with bated breath.

- Julian
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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