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Government/Opposition Clashes (Breaking News Updates) -- [May.2008]

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Why does this always happen to me? Everytime...a day before getting my ticket for Lebanon, war starts ughhhhhhh
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I know there's this rule about respect and I don't know what, but I'm going to explode!!!! So I will clearly say it:
**** HEZBOLLAH!!!! What the hell is wrong with them??? They're gonna ruin my summer vacations!!! lol
They do NOT have to right to do what's they are doing now in Beirut!!!
^^ lol BG ...
im usually more optimistic but those maniacs r talking about another "riad l soloh" sit in on the airport road ...... i hope this is just rumors...but it seems that they aint gonna let the deliberation by the gov of the "shiit" general of the airport go like that.... i really hope this day would go by 3a 5er
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^^ The Airport is open again,they did the same exact thing couple of times ago.but the people started to know what exactly is going on !! and what the real Hizbullah is.The Road to airport is open again :) and the day will end,w titi titi re7te metel ma jite :p
^^tonight is going to be so very delicate =0
a33 !di**heads!and everything stupid w idiotic!
^^usually in the time that follows any demos or so.. things can turn very ugly , and we have enough experience to be cautious.
Hassoun were did u hear that the road is reOpen ......... it's Still Heavily Closed
^^ Al-Manar TV: Protestors set up tents along airport road to spend the night and possibly longer at the protest site
FAIROUZ is trapped in the airport!!
^^ hehe.... were did u get that??
^^ yeah they just said it on LBC
HZ accuses the army of no longer being an alli.."The army chose to take sides" -GREEEEEEEEEATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HZ gives the GOVT 48 hour notice to revoke its decisions to remove the airport supporter..and suspend its investigation into there illegal phone network. I want to know or what?????
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I just don't understand why the army doesn't do anything about what HizbIran is doing...they're using freakin BULLDOZERS to close off the airport road, w ekhdeen ra7eton!!! WTF is wrong? Just send the army and arrest all those thugs!
I just want to know what would be the HezbIran (I like that :D) reaction if 50 000 or more 14 march protested in Dahieh :|
Poor Fairuz :(
I think now the govt is saying F it...and taking a hardline. They were trying to setlle things/negotiate etc. It is impossible and cannot go on...There needs to be something that ends the status quo. I just hope its nothing that will be explosive. But if that needs to happen then i am for it. We need to remove the cancer...I think HZ has gotten too big and too dangerous..and they feel above the law ..that no one can touch them!


I think one positve thing is that it was once said...."HZ arms will never be directed at the Lebanese people" ..I have a feeling that will change if there threats are followed up with deeds...Today we saw snipers arrested (AMAL),masked gunmen blocked areas, RPG fired and grenades thrown...
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Further proof:

Hizbullah officials informed mediators that the airport would remain closed and the ongoing riots would be escalated into civil disobedience until the Saniora Government withdraws decisions it had adopted against the Party's communications network and head of the airport security department Wafiq Shoqeir.

Meanwhile, the Voice of Lebanon radio said Hizbullah members were dressed up in police uniforms and penetrating districts of Beirut controlled by their rivals of the Mustaqbal movement.

A government source also said Hizbullah was massing gunmen in downtown Beirut, sparking fears of a possible attack against Saniora's office.
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