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Construction Start-2010
Complete Year-2013
Clusters-7(Landmark-50 floor-1 clusters,Office-38 floor-1 clusters,Residence-31~35 floor-5 clusters)
Executive Company-Kyounggi Province,Kyeonggi Tourism Corporation,Hallyu Wood Development Corporation,Kyeonggi Urban Development Corporation
District location-Hallyu wood 2 district-IBD
Construction Consortium-Prime E&C Development Consortium
Homepage-Hallyu Wood Inc-

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Development News-2008.5.24-May 29, Construction Start-Hanllyu Wood Development!

Korean pop culture center of the groundbreaking ceremony on the 29th Wood Hallyu

South Korea become the center of Korean pop culture Wood on April 29 groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction begins in earnest.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the two Korean pop stars, including 1,000 who participated in 'Korean Wave Festival Wood START'
Spread out between 5:00 pm brilliantly with a groundbreaking ceremony celebrating the success of the Korean Wave Wood origins.

Wood is a 99 man Hallyu Goyang Nikali 4756 ㎡ relating to the Korean Wave and entertainment complex, and the composition just as chongsaeopbi 2.81 trillion won (960 billion won, Gyeonggi Province, civilian 1.85 trillion won), which committed large-scale business in 2012 Was completed.

Korean pop culture, facilities, support facilities content, theme parks, hotels, UEC (Commercial Facilities: Urban Entertainment Center) and related facilities such as research and planning are unfounded Hallyu production facilities to attract consumption.

Foreign tourists will find 10 million people in the scale of accommodation facilities will take cheonsil yesangdwae 6.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a prime konsosieom Prime 2 man 28 section 1 of cheon 352 ㎡ worked as a theme park and commercial facilities will take place.

Meanwhile, the festival has a gi, health news, Mo, gimraewon, gimhuiae, Islamophobia, yihyeyoung, gimsangjung, johyeonjae, jangmihui, Eprint, ohhyeongyeong, including choejinsil popular artists, including about 20 Korean pop stars to participate.
Hong Kong's Jackie Chan movie times the world-especially wooin (成龙) ambassador to the Korean Wave wichok Wood.

Yisangbong the festival's Korean fashion design, red carpet parade, kaerikteosyo, percussion performers choesori performances, Goyang Philharmonic concerts, performances will be held JEWELRY popular singers.

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News-Jackie Chan, 29 Wood Hallyu game goyangseo ambassador wichok

Jackie Chan, 29 Wood Hallyu game goyangseo ambassador wichok

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan has Goyang, Gyeonggi Province to promote constructive dialogue wichok Wood said that the Korean wave.

Jackie Chan is 5:00 p.m. on the 29th Division, Wood Hallyu Nikali been held in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province 'Korean Wave Festival Wood START' gi, health news, such as Mo, along with some 20 Korean Wave Wood to participate in a groundbreaking celebration.

Jackie Chan is familiar with the Koreans and the Korean Wave Wood has a deep understanding of Korean culture it carries selected as the ambassador said.

Wood continued development of the Korean wave of Korean pop culture content in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province for nearly 80,005 cheonpyeong theme parks aim was to create a base camp in East Asia under joseonghae promoting one of the last business Gyeonggi Province, the focus has been on the business since 2006.

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Development News-IBD's Consortium Interview-2008.5.23

First section of the complex facilities Wood 2 Hallyu Prime consortium chosen as a negotiating partner

Wood section of the complex facilities preferred bidder Hallyu 2 consortium chosen as prime!

-- Chongsaeopbi 1.6687 trillion won investment in large-scale development projects
-- Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, gave birth to a new concept of luxury residential complex

Prime, □ consortium selected as preferred bidder

Samseong-dong, Seoul, Gyeonggi Province on May 20 ohkeuwoodeu Premier facilities at the hotel complex business was a result of the evaluation section 2 Hallyu Wood Prime consortium POSCO consortium has been selected as preferred bidder, beating today (5.21).

□ chongsaeopbi commitment to 1.6687 trillion won, just a luxury residential complex cultural composition

According to Dutch Prime consortium is committed to a total of 1.6687 trillion won in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province in the residential, business, commercial and cultural facilities is one that would build a luxury residential complex cultural complex.

Evaluate business plans and price through a selection □

Wood, the entire land Hallyu 994756 ㎡ (30 pyong) of accommodation facilities and a complex consisting of two sections 96948 ㎡ land for the complex land supply facilities preferred bidder is a business plan and evaluating the proposed price was determined. Gyeonggi Province captain gangseungdo "This assessment is an existing business, unlike the simple excessive price competition and price competitive bidding by only jiyang entire vision, and enable operators with the ability to select a business purpose to adhere to the original Korean Wave Wood achieve." Said.

□ conditions and participate in the feasibility of enhancing supply conditions eased

Gyeonggi Province last year, twice the business sector two yuchaldoen geumhoe background could select a preferred bidder to alleviate the burden for their participation in business conditions and supply conditions, he said it gave him greatly alleviated.

-- Multiple facilities and accommodation blocks, each block to separate the business of supplying
-- Existing facilities of the highest commercial bidder from bidding to supply, if the appraised value of residential facilities to supply

Wood, a resilient business Hallyu □

Wood, section 1 carrier in the Korean wave, and the decision in 2006, three sections of the EBS, broadcast media, including television Communications Commission to build a facility for sex with MOU preferred bidder status is determined by the two zones where business operators, most of the land is determined Hallyu Wood is a business opportunity will be tough climb to orbit.
□ 2010 nyeon the first half of construction, scheduled to be completed in 2013

Section 2 is a complex facility in Gyeonggi Province selected as preferred bidder and six prime wolmalgyeong consortium plans to enter into a contract to supply pandemic. This business is prime in 2010, according to Dutch consortium in the construction of 2013 housing a total of 1131, and the co-generation facilities to provide 138378 ㎡'s business plan.

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Hallyu-wood(韓流 Town) Development !

Name-Hallyu Wood Town Urban Development(韓流)
Construction start-2006
Complete Year-2014
District-1 disrict(Office,Hotel),2 district(Hotel,Office,Residence,Retail Complex,IBC),3 district(Theme park)
Chief Managemental Company-Prime Real Estate Development
Construction Company-Daewoo Construction,Byuksan Construction,Kumho Asiana
Financial Management-Nonghyup,Global Bank,New World Development
Interior Construction-Cheongwon Construction,Sigong Tech,Idea

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Development News-2008.1.19-25 floor-EBS New Headquarter-3 district!

EBS, build offices to integrate kitty Wood Hallyu

Gyeonggi Province signed an agreement on the 16th and completed in late… 2011

EBS (gugwanseo president) is a digital Wood Hallyu Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, integrated offices to be built. EBS is the morning of June 16 in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province dogokdong daehoeuisil EBS headquarters' in Goyang, just Tourism and Culture (Hallyu Wood), integrated digital building erected in my EBS 'for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on Tuesday said.

Section 1 of 3 Wood building integrated Hallyu 6 yeonmyeonjeok man man in 6510 ㎡ and 6050 ㎡ building scale, and bangsongsil studio, and it prepares seteujejakjang the third floor of scale.

But after a year in land supply contract and construction will start in January next year when the prospect of jungongdoel the end of 2011.

Wood signed the agreement, the Korean wave power industry and my future chujinhaeon Gyeonggi Province is promoting a digital integrated EBS building erected on the land needed to supply the appropriate level to deal with.

Gugwanseo president on November 28 last year, in an interview with the media today, "infrastructure in the digital transition is completed before the end of 2012 that will attempt to integrate offices," he said.

EBS is one of the officials "have been dropped each of five separate buildings because space is divided into business and production inefficiencies are serious business," "The integration issues are resolved, such as when the building is erected on the quality of programs will be able to concentrate on production "He said.

Soo, Governor of the game "The future of advanced digital video era EBS ahead with integration initiatives through the buildings erected in the early activation of the entire Korean Wave Wood can expect."

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Development News-2008.5.29-Construction Start-Hallyu Wood!

'All of the Korean Wave' Hallyu Wood, a theme park construction.

Hallyu (韩流) of production. Consumption. Goyang, Gyeonggi Province will be the distribution center construction Wood Hallyu 29 days' Korean Wave Festival Wood START 'began with.

Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province on Tuesday afternoon and was running in the opposite direction ㈜ Wood Wood Nikali Hallyu game soo, Governor of the land, baekjongheon CEO, Hallyu has become a global actor cheongrung ambassador Wood (成龙) and the Korean Wave star Bae Yong Joon, cultural figures, 20 people, including two Korean Wave Artists Wood, a theme park groundbreaking ceremony attended by 1,000 middle and Repulse Korean Wave 'Wood START Korean Wave Festival' opened.

The ceremony has been presented to society's sonbeomsu announcer's yisangbong Korean fashion designers, North Korea's choesori taak performances, kitty Philharmonic Orchestra concert, Hallyu character performance, popular singer Jewelry performances, such as the explosion in order of performance was in progress.

The ambassador cheongrung and Choi Ji Woo as Mr. Wood wichokdwae Hallyu started his official activities.

Woods Goyang Ilsan eastern area Hallyu Nikali 4 man 99 to 756 ㎡ cheon 2.81 trillion won by 2012 to bring entertainment complex topics and just running in the opposite direction to build a business drama film food fashion and cultural facilities This will take.

The construction started in the middle section, 1-3 overall Hallyu 2 man at 28 Woodmont section 1 cheon 352 ㎡ site Hallyu Wood's core theme parks and commercial facilities facility (UEC) will be created.

Shopping is a theme park and event space 'Hallyu badeu Blue', drama and film experience space 'studios Korean Wave', combines animated entertainment facilities' Annie Messiah ', events and festivals are held 365 days' Asian Garden' and section 4 Construction divided.

Sale of facilities, including commercial facilities, the Korean Wave Korean performing arts school, cooking school, Hallyu museums, children's education facilities, galleries, live venues, as it prepares facilities such as multi-plex theater.

Another man 5 of 8 cheon 971 ㎡ large scale theme park across the lake to 'hanryucheon (韩流川)' joseongdwae do when completed will provide attractions such as the parade line.

Section 1 carrier company has been selected stocks Hallyu baekjongheon Wood (Prime Group Chairman), "Korean Wave content, cutting-edge digital technology and advanced production facilities, combined with the popularity of Korean culture, consumption and distribution are among the theme park will be done at once," "Korean wave Wood and 2, section 1 of residential and commercial complex business district facilities projects, construction near Chinatown kintekseu my support facilities, such integration to create a world-class attractions developed, "he said

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bad news-2009.11.10

Gyeonggi Korean Wave World 'project cold Mood

Section 1.2, the leading Italian builds jungdogeum as delinquent

Korean World business are the main carriers hwicheonggeorigo in breach of the contract.
2 According to Cheung, Gyeonggi-16 days to turn cold in August last year, World Zone 2 composite buildings and hotels (8 만 complexes 3 천 220 ㎡, accommodation facilities 1 만 3 천 728 ㎡) construction business as a (main) project has selected Ilsan.

The project is Ilsan 1.6687 trillion won by 2014, and let the game 50-story landmark building in northern choegocheungbildingin 36-50 and the ground until at least eight-story building built luxury complex will foster cultural complexes .
However, the company February 19 and August 19 this year scheduled for 1, 2 and overdue car jungdogeum ₩ 267,300,000,000, degrees 2 and then sent over the top according to Jean.

Ilsan project ₩ 594,200,000,000 full payment of land sale as a deposit of August 19 last year, only 594 have paid the remaining amount eokwonman (3rd, the balance coming from time to time the U.S.) is minapsangtaeda.
After turning 22 last month, and do not pay until chenapdoen jungdogeum hagetdaneun off contract for the company's best chapter in the implementation of promises, but they were not sent.

Representative of the "current financial front of the PF business lending were well stopped by the company has not paid the jungdogeum," said "The companies with Ron on the bridge fund, and its willingness to discuss it during delivery," he said.
The official "that goes to pay bills until next year if the project schedule, but otherwise interfere with the business disruption is expected as the need for drastic measures maryeon," he said.
Business 1 Zone to the original enrollment key business with the departure of foreign companies are chobisang.
May 2006 Korean World Zone 1 land contract was signed (main) Hallyuwood enrollment key as the original consortium, Wachovia was uncertain because of the business was going to pass notify (March 2009) year contract requirements coat geonin Group (30 foreign companies %) as would prevent the meeting.

The turning point in June throughout September 2 Hallyuwood Chapter sent the best hotels (A6, A7-6 만 6 천 ㎡) First installment agreement RIGHTS AND theme park land incentives (installment period 5 years → 20 years, interest rate 6 % → 3%) were informed that it would cancel. Hallyu Wood for The Hotel will lose the right of first negotiation.

World business across yigatyi cold dark clouds in the arm that was started in September last year, the financial crisis in the direct aftermath migukbal Mitch said that PF loans is frozen over. Given this, as the government forecast growth of 4-5 percent next year, presumably with Korean World ohreulsu business opportunity on our way again maryeon migukbal commercial banks, while falling for a double dip akjae such circumstances can not sit in front of ya be feared.

Focus-Development will delay..

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Very good Development News-2010.1.1

'Ilsan Korean World' business resilience ... 179.5 billion securing development funds

've Been through lack of funding for the development nanhang, Ilsan, cold world, business is expected to be resilient. Prime Group shareholder Hallyuwood development company (Ilsan, project finance and investment company · PFV) has been pushed jungdogeum been paid because of land.

According to Prime Group, Ilsan PFV 30 days the last 29 with only one weeks ₩ 179,500,000,000 scale development fund has signed a financial agreement. The 1st tojibi jodaldoen funds will be used jungdogeum and other such geumyungbi. The financial weekly said he only signed the money maryeonhaejun LIG Development Securities and Savings Bank, said Union Savings Bank participated. Interest rate 5.5% (fixed rate) were determined.

Prime Group official "end of the development fund to pay tojibi jungdogeum smoothly World yirwojim the beginning of next year promoting the Korean Wave is expected to be able to be authentic," said, "Gyeonggi tojibi payment adjustment period and was also active period of consultation," he said .

Korean World 2 Area business Changhang Ilsan, Goyang, Daehwa 만 3200 ㎡ 1 to 8 apartments, offices, shops, Officetel complex and large-scale project, included. Construction next year on the pitch will be completed in 2014.

Focus-This Project's Financial Problem is solved,This Project will operate Construction within 2010.
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