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I've not found a generic 3d about GPS logging related to transports.

I'd like to see tracks and speed charts about trains, maritime and surface urban transports lines collected by forumers by all the world. You can find a smartphone able to collect gps data for a little more than 100 euros or dollars, I think many people has one of them...

I'd also like to exchange informations and tips about the best apps and post processing software to use to generate charts and maps.

This is my first contribution:

Italo AGV departed by Milan Rogoredo station to Neaples central station. The train departed at 8:39 2012:06:16, last Sunday.

I used Google My Tracks on an Android Samsung Next smartphone as GPS logger.

This is the track on Google Maps:,10.426025&spn=3.162794,7.064209

And this is the speed chart:

Some notes:

- I missed a lot of sampligs due the lack of GPS signal in tunnels. The Bologna-Florence line expecially is 95% underground. The only samplig at 300kmh you can see in the chart is correct as the line stays outside for enough for a very short time. Most of Bologna-Florence is at 300km/h, anyway. Maybe I'll find a way to interpolate the samplings (suggestions are welcome).

- Top speed is limited, by law, at 300 km/h (250 km/h in the Florence-Rome line). Looking at the chart is pretty clear the AGV could go much faster than this.

- Italian AV lines waste a little time in urban nodes. I'd like to compare it with tracks for other important world AV lines.. could please anybody contribute them?

- I exported a CSV file by My Tracks. Then I imported it in Open Office to draw the chart. I had to convert speed from m/s to km/h.. but this was easy.

- Unfortunately csv files generated by My Tracks don't contain distance so far. The information about the distance could be very important, for interpolation and other. Maybe you can derive distance by geo coordinates, but this is a little more complicated to do.

Anybody of you have suggestions about a GPS tracker app that provides the distance and that's more fit to produce speed charts? Possibly free :)
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