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There's a map at the beginning. 79km should be opened in August, the other sections are "in 2nd phase". What does 2nd phase mean, my last info was that works were suspended? Is there any estimated opening date?
The section length of the northernmost section seems to be wrong. It's not 79km but about 60km.

A3: Panagia (A2) – Trikala ~60km (2008 to suspended) – projectmap
A3: Trikala – Xyniada 79km (2008 to August 2017) – projectmap
A3: Xyniada – Anthili (A1) 32km (2008 to suspended) – projectmap
Is there any news about the A3 section which was announced to be opened in August? Is it still expected to be opened "soon" (coming days/weeks), by the end of 2017 or delayed to 2018?

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There is no specific info regarding A3.
However, as far as I know, construction crews currently work on the motorway's south connector that links the existing national route 3 (the current primary route which runs parallel to A3) with the new motorway.

Photo courtesy of forum member SP73

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As it has been discussed in this thread, road numbering in Greece is dated, peculiar, contradicting and badly signed (if it is signed, anyway). I have attempted to clarify the situation for the information of whom it may concern and especially people participating on sites about roads, Wikipedia editing and road mapping.

Routes and numbers for motorways (“Αx”) are based on the 2015 Ministerial Decree, and for other national roads (“EOx”) on the 2011 edition of the database of the Directorate of Road Infrastructure (DRI). The latter is compiled by governmental decrees published on the Official Government Gazzette, starting with the National Road Numbering Decree in 1963. These are the SOLE official sources on this matter, despite the misunderstanding of using the National Roads Registry (Greek Statistical Authority, 1998) on several webpages, including Wikipedia (Greek and English) and Openstreetmaps.

I am particularly concerned about those two as they tend to be sources of information for lots of people. However, the Registry states clearly, that numbers other than those on the 1963 Decree have been added just for publishing road accident reports (page 9, «Πρώτο μέρος… α… β…»).

Only existing roads and roads under construction have been included. National road sections replaced by better alignments and not downgraded for administrative purposes, have not been included. DRI indications “Xx” are NOT actual road numbers, but temporary references.

SORRY for the lengthy post, but I hope that this may clarify things. As a new edition of the DRI database is expected soon, I may have to return with another… annoying post of this kind.

*A1: Athina – Schimatari – Thiva – Lamia – Larisa – Katerini – Kleidi – Chalastra – Evzonoi, MK
*A2: Igoumenitsa – Ioannina – Grevena – Kozani – Veroia – Kleidi – Chalastra – Thessaloniki – Langadas – Kavala – Xanthi – Komotini – Alexandroupoli – Kipoi, TR
*A3: Lamia – Karditsa – Trikala [U/C]
*A5: Ioannina – Arta – Mesologgi – Antirrio – Rio – Patra – Amaliada – Pyrgos
*A6: Elefsina – Ano Liosia – Athina – Pallini – Markopoulo
*A7: Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata
*A8: Elefsina – Korinthos – Rio – Patra [status at Elefsina east of the A6 uncertain; may be considered as part of EO8a]
*A11: Schimatari – Chalkida
*A24: Thessaloniki (east ring) – Nea Moudania [upgrade of ring in progress; signed with blue signs and no number; the 2015 Decree may refer to the cancelled outer ring, so that the east ring could have been left unnumbered] // A24 spur: Thessaloniki west ring: Kalochori – Efkarpia [not incuded on the 2015 Decree; upgrade of unnumbered national road in progress; Indicated as X11 by DRI]
*A25: Langadas – Lefkonas – Promachonas, BG
*A27: Kozani – Ptolemaida; Florina – Niki, MK [a new alignment between Ptolemaida and Florina is at the planning process; ordinary national road EO3 at this section occasionaly signed with blue signs showing A27]
*A29: AL, Krystalopigi – Kastoria – Siatista
*A52: Amvrakia – Aktio [not included to the 2015 Decree, but under (delayed) construction]
*A62: Athina (Ymittos ring) – Pallini – Pikermi [still signed as A64]
*A64: Koropi – Athina Airport [still signed as A62; access to the airport solely via the motorway]
*A65: Ano Liosia – Aspropyrgos – Skaramangas [not included to the 2015 Degree, but signed]
*A71: Lefktro – Sparti
*A90: Kastelli Kissamou – Chania – Rethymno – Irakleio – Agios Nikolaos [upgrade in progress partially; some sections signed with blue signs]
*A242: Thermi – Thessaloniki Airport Junction [connection may refer the cancelled outer ring (see A24)]
*A621: Chalandri – Agia Paraskevi, in Athina [still signed as A642]
*EO1: Athina (Syntagma Square) – Varympompi; Afidnes – Malakasa – Schimatari – Elaionas; Agios Konstantinos – Kammena Vourla – Thermopyles – Lamia – Stylida – Pelasgia – Almyros – Velestino; Nikaia – Larisa – Gyrtoni; Tempi – Platamonas – Leptokarya; Katerini – Aiginio – Alexandreia – Chalkidona – Gefyra – Polykastro – Evzonoi [“old” national road and “new” national road sections bypassed by the A1 (except EO1a below); access to the border solely via A1]
*EO1a: Agia Marina – Stylida – Raches [former “new” national road section bypassed by the northern alignment of the A1]; Kalochori – Thessaloniki [western entrance of Thessaloniki from A24 spur]
*EO2: AL, Krystallopigi – Florina – Vevi – Kella – Edessa – Giannitsa – Chalkidona – Gefyra – Thessaloniki – Lagyna – Langadikia – Limenas Amfipolis – Nea Irakleitsa – Kavala – Xanthi – Porto Lagos – Komotini – Sapes – Alexandroupoli – Ardani – Kipoi, TR // EO2 spur: A2 – Sindos // EO2 spur: Vaniano – Xanthi
*EO3: Elefsina – Thiva – Leivadia – Lamia – Neo Monastiri – Farsala – Larisa (southwest and west ring) – Tyrnavos – Elassona – Servia – Kozani – Ptolemaida – Levaia – Vevi – Niki, MK // EO3 spur: Roditsa – Taratsa, in Lamia [northeast bypass from EO1 to EO3] // EO3 spur: Larisa north ring and new north entrance [from EO3 to EO1; indicated as X20 by DRI; east and southeast ring not considered as national road] // EO3 spur: Petrana – Town Centre, in Kozani // EO3 spur: Levaia – Arnissa
*EO4: Alexandreia – Veroia – Polymylos – Kozani
*EO5: Rio – Car Ferry – Antirrio – Mesologgi – Agrinio – Amfilochia – Arta – Filippiada – Ioannina // EO5 spur: A5 – Filippiada
*EO6: Volos – Velestino – Platykampos – Larisa – Trikala – Kalampaka – Metsovo – Ioannina – Igoumenitsa [Volos ring road shown as EO30 by DRI] // EO6 spur: Nea Ionia – City Centre, in Volos // EO6 spur: Larisa south bypass [from EO6 to EO1]
*EO7: Korinthos – Dervenakia – Argos – Myloi – Tripoli – Megalopoli – Kalamata
*EO8: Athina (Syntagma Square) – Elefsina – Megara – Isthmia – Korinthos – Kiato – Xylokastro – Aigio – Rio – Patra
*EO8a: Korinthos inner bypass [former “new” national road section bypassed by southern alignment of A8 from EO8 to A7] // Patra east entrance [“new” national road from A5 to EO8] // EO8a spur: EO8a – Exo Agyia, in Patra
*EO9: Patra – Kato Achaia – Andravida – Pyrgos – Zacharo – Kalo Nero – Kyparissia – Filiatra – Gargalianoi – Pylos – Methoni
*EO9a: Kalo Nero – Tsakona
*EO10: Isthmia – Nea Epidavros – Palaia Epidavros – Lygourio
*EO12: Liti – Dorkada – Xiloupoli – Strymoniko – Lefkonas – Serres – Nea Zichni – Drama – Kavala // EO12 spur: Kavala Forest Road [from EO12]
*EO13: Katerini – Agios Dimitrios – Mikro Eleftherochori [section within Katerini will be replaced by northwest section of Katerini ring roag (U/C)] // EO13 spur: Katerini south and east ring [partially U/C]
*EO14: Drama – Paranesti – Xanthi
*EO15: Chani Mourgkani – Grevena – Bara – Neapoli – Kastoria – Trigono – Agios Germanos
*EO16: Thessaloniki – Thermi – Agios Prodromos – Arnaia – Ierissos
*EO16a: Agios Prodromos – Polygyros
*EO17: Ioannina – Dodoni
*EO19: AL, Sagiada – Filiates – Menina – Paramythia – Morfi – Archaggelos – Nea Thesi – Preveza [shown in 1963 Decree as EO18; newer decrees and DRI indicate EO19] // EO19 spur: Sagiada – Igoumenitsa // EO19 spur: Monolithi – Nikopoli [from EO19 to EO21]
*EO20: Ioannina – Kalpaki – Konitsa – Eptachori – Pentalofos – Tsotyli – Neapoli – Siatista – Kozani // EO20 spur: Southern alternative via Fourka // EO20 spur: Vatero – Koila – EO3, in Kozani
*EO21: Preveza – Nea Sampsous – Filippiada // EO21 spur: Nea Sampsous – Archaggelos
*EO22: Kalpaki – Ktismata, AL
*EO24: Kerkyra – Palaiokastritsa
*EO25: Kerkyra – Achilleio Circle
*EO26: Elassona – Deskati – Agiofyllo
*EO27: Thermopyles – Bralos – Gravia – Amfissa
*EO28: EO1 – Larisa Military Airfield
*EO29: Steno – Distomo – Osios Loukas Monastery
*EO30: Arta – Voulgareli – Mesochora – Stournaraiika – Pyli – Trikala – Karditsa – Neo Monastriri – Farsala – Mikrothives – Volos [alignment via Mesochora and Stournaraiika is unofficial; documents still indicate the bypassed section via Pertouli]
*EO31: Aigio – Fteri – Kalavryta
*EO33: Patra – Agia Triada – Tripotama – Vlacherna [actually shown continuing unpurposely to Levidi along EO74] // EO33 spur: Patra inner bypass [from EO8 to EO33]
*EO34: Volos – Agria – Neochori – Tsangarada – Zagora – Chorefto
*EO34a: Volos – Portaria – Zagora [shown by DRI continuing unpurposely to Chorefto along EO34]
*EO35: Zakynthos – Keri
*EO36: Mytilini – Kalloni
*EO38: Lamia – Karpenisi – Agrinio – Thermo
*EO39: Tripoli – Sparti – Gytheio
*EO40: EO38 – Dokimi Military Airfield, in Agrinio [road leads to the old abandoned airfield and not the newer one further west]
*EO42: Amfilochia – Vonitsa – Agios Nikolaos – Lefkada // EO42 spur: Agios Nikolaos – Aktio
*EO44: Thiva – Elaionas – Ritsona – Chalkida – Aliveri – Lepoura
*EO46: EO1 – Tanagra Military Airfield
*EO48: Leivadia – Delfoi – Chrisso – Amfissa – Pentapoli – Nafpaktos – Antirrio // EO48 spur: Pentapoli – Lidoriki
*EO50: Argostoli – Sami
*EO51: Ardani – Soufli – Didymoteicho – Orestiada – Kastanies – Ormenio, BG // EO51 spur: Kastanies – TR
*EO53: Alexandroupoli – Aisymi – Mikro Dereio
*EO54: Athina (Syntagma Square) – Pallini – Rafina
*EO55: Xanthi – Echinos – Dimari, BG
*EO56: Kerameikos – Moschato – Peiraias, in Athina [contrary to the general belief, EO56 follows Ermou Street between Kerameikos and Syntagma Square and not Peiraios Road towards Omonoia Circus; however Ermou Street has been pedestrianised in two phases (1999 and 2004)!]
*EO57: Drama – Kato Nevrokopi – Exochi, BG
*EO58: EO8 – Elefsina Military Airfield
*EO59: Mesorrachi – Limenas Amfipolis
*EO60: A8 – Megara Military Airfield
*EO62: Samos – Karlovasi
*EO63: Lefkonas – Sidirokastro – Neo Petritsi; Roupel – Promachonas, BG [missing section served solely by A25]
*EO64: Kato Achaia – Araxos Airport
*EO65: Langadas – Nea Santa – Kilkis (bypass) – Drosato – Doirani, MK // EO65 spur: Drosato – Rodopoli
*EO66: Dervenakia – Nemea – Skoteini – Levidi
*EO67: Thermi – Mikra – Thessaloniki Military Airfield [not the road serving the Airport Terminal]
*EO68: Fychtio – Mykines
*EO69: Thasos – Limenaria
*EO70: Argos – Nafplio – Lygourio – Archaia Epidavros // EO70 spur: Lygourio – Palaia Epidavros [north alternative to EO10]
*EO71: EO30 – Nea Anchialos Airport
*EO72: EO74 – Tripoli Military Airfield
*EO73: Kratigos – Mytilini – Loutra Thermis
*EO74: Pyrgos – Olympia – Levidi – Tripoli
*EO74 spur: Nestani – Mantineia [from A7 to EO74]
*EO75: Kardamyla – Chios – Kallimasia
*EO76: Megalopoli – Andritsaina – Epikourios Apollon Temple
*EO77: Chalkida – Psachna – Mantoudi – Istiaia – Loutra Aidipsou
*EO78: EO9 – Andravida Military Airfield
*EO79: Agios Merkourios – Malakasa – Skala Oropou
*EO80: EO82 – Kalamata Military Airfield [entrance to the north of Kalamata Airport]
*EO81: Agios Stefanos – Afidnes – Kapandriti – Amfiaraeio Temple
*EO82: Sparti – Kalamata – Messini – Pylos
*EO83: Athina (Ampelokipoi) – Agios Stefanos – Marathonas – Nea Makri – Rafina
*EO84: Sparti – Mystras
*EO85: Rafina – Artemis – Porto Rafti; Thoriko – Lavrio [section between Porto Rafti and Thoriko was not constructed]
*EO86: EO39 west of Dafni – Molaoi – Monemvasia
*EO87: Pallini – Palaiopanagia – Spata // EO87 spur: Palaiopanagia – Gerakas
*EO88: Kremasti – Pastida – Maritses Military Airfield
*EO89: Athina (Stavros) – Koropi – Markopoulo – Lavrio – Sounio
*EO90: Kastelli Kissamou – Chania – Souda; Platani – Episkopi – Rethymno – Perama – Irakleio – Nea Alikarnassos – Malia – Neapoli – Agios Nikolaos – Siteia [“old”national road to the west of Agios Nikolaos; missing section served solely by A90]
*EO91: Athina (Syntagma Square) – Vouliagmeni – Sounio
*EO92: Limenas Chersonisou – Kastelli Pediadas
*EO94: EO90 – Chania Military Airfield [not the road to Chania Airport]
*EO95: Rodos – Kolympia – Lindos // EO95 spur: Vrysia – Rodos Airport
*EO97: Irakleio – Moires – Tympaki – Agia Galini
*EO99: Irakleio – Knosos
*EOxx: A5 – New Port, in Patra [Paraglafkios Road; indicated as 583 by DRI, a number suitable for a motorway branch of A5]
*EOxx: A5 – Marangopoulou, in Patra [A. Papandreou Road; indicated as 585 by DRI, a number suitable for a motorway branch of A5]
*EOxx: A5 – Psarrofai – Terpsi, in Patra [K. Tsatsos and E. Venizelos Avenues; indicated as 581 by DRI, a number suitable for a motorway branch of A5]
*EOxx: Igoumenitsa – Margariti – Nea Thesi [indicated as X12 by DRI]
*EOxx: Chrisso – Itea – Galaxidi – Xiropigado [indicated as X6 by DRI]
*EOxx: City Centre – Foinikas, in Thessaloniki [K. Karamanlis Avenue plus connector from A24 to EO16; indicated as X14 and X5 by DRI]
*EOxx: Galatsi – Irakleio; Lykovrysi – Olympiako Chorio, both in Athina [indicated as X7 and X30 by DRI; a link between two sections is planned]
*EOxx: Ioannina – Zoodochos [indicated as X9 by DRI]
*EOxx: Ioannina ring [from EO5 to EO6/EO20; indicated as X19 by DRI]
*EOxx: Koropi – Vari – Voula [indicated as X452 and Provincial Road A20 by DRI]
*EOxx: Pachia Ammos – Ierapetra [a 2014 addition; indicated as 9220 by DRI]
*EOxx: Palaio Faliro – Peiraias – Keratsini – Skaramangas, in Athina [indicated as X17 by DRI]
*EOxx: Vonitsa – Aktio [indicated as X12 by DRI]
*EOxx: Voula – Ano Glyfada – Ilioupoli – Neos Kosmos – Rouf – Nikaia – Keratsini, in Athina [indicated as Provincial Road A13 and X18 by DRI]

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I hope that the DRI releases new version of both the National and Provincial Road lists soon, because I have had a hard time trying to get a certain user on OSM to drop the 1998 'registry'.

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These things take long within the Greek Public Sector...

Anyway. Although this may go outside the scope of this thread, I’ll try to explain; again SORRY for bothering anybody.

It is clear that the numbers on the Registry do not stand officially. From page 9:

“Part One: It contains the Registry of the national roads nationwide.

The first column contains the number of the road. This number is based on the Road Numbering Ministerial Decree Γ25871/9/23.7.1963. For the needs, however, and only, of filling the Road Accidents Form, this numbering has been filled by the Statistical Authority in the following cases:

a. For national roads that did not exist in the Ministerial Decree, as they were constructed at a later stage or they are planned for construction or are currently under construction (ie. Egnatia Odos, Attiki Odos).
b. Spurs, bypasses, and extensions or sections of roads that pass through a prefecture capital and point towards opposite directions, without having, however, a continuous km count that covers the whole national road”.

This means that the following numbers are not official:

New roads (a): 001β, 005α, 009α (for the ‘new’ Patra – Pyrgos road, not the DRI-approved Kalo Nero – Tsakona one), 012α, 016γ, 016δ, 016ε (actually EO16α), 027α, 027β, 044β, 0052, 065β, 0080, 090α, 095α, 0101, 0102, 0105, 105β, 105γ, 0106, 0107, 0109, 0110, 0111, 0112. Spurs and bypasses (b): 001γ, 003γ, 003δ (DRI does not consider this as a national road), 004β, 006δ, 009γ (actually EO9α), 012γ, 016β (actually old-EO16α), 020β, 027γ, 042β, 048γ, 065δ, 095β, 0100, 102β, 0104, 0108. Sections with a discontinious ‘own’ km count (b): 002β, 002γ, 002δ, 003β, 003ε, 003ζ, 006β, 006γ, 007β, 009β, 012β, 015β, 020γ, 030β, 038β, 038γ, 044γ, 048β, 048δ, 065γ, 073β, 082β, 090β.

The only official numbers in the Registry, that were not in the 1963 Decree, are: 001α, 008α, 0010, 0073. Finally, ΕΟ34α, included in the 1963 Decree, is shown as 034β.

I have to repeat, that I would not care what a Wikipedia or mapping editor does, if there wasn’t the danger that this information is spread around, so that it may cause further problems and misunderstandings, even to the… idiots that approve road signing in Greece.

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A very nice project started today, the reformation of Faliron Bay in Athens. The first phase will be completed in 21 months and includes (among others) the shifting of the coastal avenue Poseidonos Avenue to the sea, where in some places it will "sink".

The area how it is nowadays


photo no.1 : Google maps
photo no.2 : FLISVOS MARINA (

Progress - 28/9


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Faliron Bay - 15 October


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Not that surprising when you build a road basically in the river bed. I always wondered when driving there what will happen when it rains heavily... But I like the road :)

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I assume the port of Neo Ikonio and the logistics centre of Thriasio Pedio could quickly turn the scales in favour of this motorway.
By the way, if A8 is extended one day to Tsakona, Kalamata-Thessaloniki will be the same distance through the shortcut of Thiva and A1 or through the Rio-Antirrio bridge and A5 from the other (Ionian) side.

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