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^^I quite like the Customs House, but like many/most historic buildings in Dublin it suffers becuase of a lack of appreciation and the compromising context of its surroundings. The loopline bridge, liberty hall and a couple of decrepit buildings in the general vicinity ruin a perfectly, elegant and classical Georgian building.
Being a history fan, my fav buildings would usually have an abundant/interesting history attached to them, rather than being just superficially impressive. So, Christchurch and Dublin Castle would standout, but both again are ruined by their 20th/21st century context!!!

Anyway, more Customs House pics...


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All looking great. A few modern bridges:

Boyne Bridge:

Boyne bridge by rhaddon, on Flickr

boyne bridge by martinkingphotos, on Flickr

Foyle Bridge:

the foyle bridge derry by heaneyjohn, on Flickr

Under the foyle bridge Derry by Paddy.Browne, on Flickr

Suir Bridge (Ireland's tallest at 100m)

IMG_7325 by Martin Tobin, on Flickr

465m cable bridge spanning the River Suir in Waterford Ireland by Daithi Ó Raghallaigh (Ireland), on Flickr

Toome Bridge:

The bridge over the Bann at Toome by harve64, on Flickr

toome-bridge-at-night by socalirishsports, on Flickr

Samuel Becket bridge:

Bridge_on_Liffey_East[1] by mac_filko, on Flickr

IOP Photo Shoot by BD in Bealinstown, on Flickr

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin by, on Flickr

James Joyce Bridge:

JAMES JOYCE BRIDGE by Mount Fuji., on Flickr

James Joyce Bridge, Dublin by harve64, on Flickr

Derry Foot bridge: (U/C)

Foyle Peace Bridge by Brendan.McMenamin, on Flickr

Derry's Peace Bridge construction by Bernard Ward, on Flickr

Sean O'Casey Bridge:

Sean O'Casey Bridge, Dublin by fatboyke (Luc), on Flickr

Northside centre by Matthew S., on Flickr

Drogheda foot bridge:

The Town Of Drogheda by infomatique, on Flickr

The Town Of Drogheda by infomatique, on Flickr

Limerick University Living Bridge:

Living Bridge I by climberhunt (Dave Hunt), on Flickr

Will post some older ones later. Or someone else can if they want to.

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I actually personally dislike that building, but then this thread isn't just my fav buildings. Some pics:

Convention Centre Dublin by int0lerant, on Flickr

Dublin Convention Centre Under Construction by infomatique, on Flickr

Aviva Stadium:

Aviva Stadium by Kevin.Grace, on Flickr

Aviva Stadium by alanjwhelan, on Flickr

Lewis Glucksman Gallery (Cork)

20070807_IMG_0470 by R_uu_t, on Flickr

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery_Cork by walter11, on Flickr

Falls Road Leisure Centre

The Falls Baths by TBSteve, on Flickr

Ulster Museum

Victoria Square:

Belfast - Kitchen Bar Victoria Square by Le Monde1, on Flickr

Belfast victoria square by WeeEmo1, on Flickr

victoria square by kat.foster, on Flickr

RWP_080809-5324 by antwerpenR, on Flickr

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Yep, agree wit Aviva. One of the best designed stadiums in Europe on the outside but a big let-down on the inside.

Ormonde Castle:

Ormonde Castle 4 by Rustyoldtown, on Flickr

Derry Guild Hall:

The Guild Hall Derry by Johny McCoy, on Flickr

Guild Hall Londonderry by slemishgirl, on Flickr

Shipquay Gate by Garibaldi McFlurry, on Flickr

I like this view down to it...

Shipquay Street, Derry by markat23dotcom, on Flickr

Mussenden Temple:

Mussenden Temple - Co Londonderry by Lukasz Blyskal, on Flickr

<a href="[email protected]/4433083283/" title="Mussenden Temple at night by Klarens, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="424" alt="Mussenden Temple at night" /></a>

Castle Ward:

Castle Ward by Etrusia UK, on Flickr

Dunluce Castle:

Dunluce Castle by Ron Hanko, on Flickr

Lough Eske Castle:

Lough Eske Castle by eileen.mccausland, on Flickr

St Patrick's Cathedral (Armagh)

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh by mehjg, on Flickr

Castle Coole:

Castle Coole, N.Ireland by bob whatsit, on Flickr

Mount Stewart House:

Mount Stewart House by Etrusia UK, on Flickr

Scrabo Tower:

Scrabo Tower II by gerard1972, on Flickr

Florence Court:

Florence Court, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh by Mary Liput Photography, on Flickr

Florence Court, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh by Mary Liput Photography, on Flickr

Glenarm Castle:

Glenarm Castle1990 by GaelicKiwi, on Flickr

Galgorm Castle:

Galgorm Castle by jmsvuk, on Flickr

Slieve Donard Hotel:

newcastle, aug 2010. (20) by seanfderry-studenna, on Flickr

Newcastle, Co. Down by Fiona McGrath ;-), on Flickr

Portstewart Convent:

Portstewart Promenade by Glenn Cartmill, on Flickr

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Beat me to it... Was gonna post pics of the Boyne Valley passage tombs. Love Knowth myself with all the satelitte tombs surrounding it. 5,500 years and not a single leak; that's def worthy of great structure.
Would love to witness the solstice or an equinox!!!

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