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Hi everyone.

We are conducting a housing survey, based on people's aspirations and the attributes that they value the most. We included life circumstances, Social needs, Dwelling needs, financial needs etc.

I will be conducting a random draw for five Woolworth vouchers worth $20 each (the funding was approved today). The 1st draw will favour the first people to complete the survey (The first 50 people who provide a valid email) will be entered into a random generator and one voucher will be awarded.

At the end of the survey (1st of April), I will award four more vouchers out of the entire pool of respondents. I suspect that the first voucher will be awarded this week.

The study will be analyzed based on cohort data, you can read more in the survey link about anonymity, ethics etc. and whether there are any risks.

I will publish the findings on the survey page, facebook etc. to let people know how their contribution has been used.

Basically you qualify if

1) 18+
2) Lived in Greater Brisbane Region (Brisbane, Moreton Bay Council, Logan, Lockyer Valley, Somerset, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Redland) for at least 12 months
3) Rented/Owned a dwelling for at least 6 months (This includes renting sites for mobile dwellings/Caravans etc.

This is the link to the survey

I believe it can be done in 3-10 minutes, however there are a few instances where people spent more time on it.

If you do not qualify, feel free to pass it on or share it. Your mates/family might thank you if they happen to get one of the vouchers.

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Survey of Housing Opportunity - June-July

The March-April Survey ended with 121 respondents.

I am running it again from June-July to get even more insights.


If you have lived/live in any of these suburbs and are over 18, you most likely qualify to take the survey.

As per the last time, the first 50 people to register an email will go into the draw for 1 giftcard, after that four more giftcards will be drawn from the total list of respondents, when the survey closes in 3 weeks time.
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