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Dont think we have anything on this section of Education buildings.

Thought i'd start a new thread on this Subject. :)

Three new Primary Schools planed for Glasgow by ABC




Hazelwood @ Dumbreck By GM+AD

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Where is that one in Dumbreck? Trying to see the site on Google Earth...

Edit - never mind, got it..

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Some images of recent new developed educational institutions from RMJM. :)

Glasgow Uni stairwell.

Glasgow North College Facade.

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Good post - a lot of good work going on FE & HE sectors.

Here is a link to Rieach & Halls Computing Science Extension ******** at Glasgow Uni. Some good shots of the build with movie clips.

Small- ish ******** 20,000 sq ft connects to existing B listed terrace but addresses the students union and boyd orr ******** creating a public space to connect it all.

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New £50m college campus for Glasgow

A college in Glasgow is to be replaced with a £50million campus on the same site.

But the move will mean thousands of students and staff at Anniesland College in the West End working on a building site for the next three years.

The present college in Hatfield Drive, which has around 300 staff and up to 10,000 students each year, was built in the 1960s.
Deputy principal Brian Hughes said: "The buildings are in poor condition pretty much throughout and we suffer from water ingress.

"In preparing our business case we had to demonstrate the buildings needed to be replaced and not just re-clad.

"The new college will make a big difference to staff, students and the local community."

College bosses initially wanted to move the students to another building while work was going on but found it impossible to find a suitable site.

It is hoped work will start this summer with the first phase of work - the teaching block - being ready around January or February 2009.

When it is completed, students and staff will move in, allowing the other buildings on the site to be demolished.

More than 60 people objected to elements of the new college, with many unhappy the main building will be constructed on the highest point of the site.

Former Jordanhill councillor Christopher Mason told the planning committee: "The community council has no complaint about the effort Anniesland College has put into consulting the community. "But the issue which has not been resolved is the issue of building a four-storey building on Hatfield Drive.

"The biggest building should be in the centre of the site where it is now."

But a planning official said: "The reason why the new building cannot stay on its present site is because the new college has to be built while the existing college is on-site."

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This could be a good idea for Rural Education areas in Scotland.

BD Online

The intention is that the classroom can be moved around by lorry to other school sites in the borough when required to help promote ICT skills in a highly visible way
Technology on the move


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The Hub

The iconic Hub building, located at the heart of the campus, is to be redeveloped to house a central "One Stop Shop" pulling together our wide range of front-line student services.

Close to the Library, the Round Reading Room and the Hunterian Art Gallery, this £10.5M redevelopment will provide flexible accommodation over 4 levels. The new Hub will offer easy access to a variety of student services, coffee bars, a food court with seating for 400, and space earmarked for a bookstore, GP practice and a pharmacy.

Student needs are at the heart of the University's strategy, and the exciting plans for the new Hub demonstrate this commitment - an attractive contemporary development at the central hub of our campus.

Work is scheduled to start in early 2007.


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I could happily have lived without the sticky out porch but the E&C building is top notch stuff. Proper grown-up architecture that isnt so overly abstracted as to prevent it entering into a decent dialogue with its context and local typology. Unpretentious but sophisticated is a good trick to pull off and E&C seem to be able to do it more often than not.

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I have to agree.
I realise the entire building is set to its own scale, but the mish mash of window/ceiling heights to the tenement really jars. Also, the windows themselves, especially those on the ground floor remind me of a Travelodge or similar cheap hotel.
The area in front of those ground floor windows makes no attempt to relate to the street.

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I took a wonder around Garnethill sometime last year when I had some time to spare in Glasgow. I think it's probably fair to say that building isn't as good as the other two buildings by Elder & Cannon for the school, but I still like it. They have a campus that they can be proud of, which is a sadly rare thing.

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GM+ Ad's Hazelwood School @ Bella park opens up. :)


GLASGOW is leading the way in providing education for youngsters with special needs thanks to a new hi-tech school.

Hazelwood, in the grounds of Bellahouston Park at Dumbreck, opened its doors 10 days ago and is already making a huge difference to pupils.

School is vital for the future
Head teacher Monica McGeever is delighted with the new school and believes future generations of children from all over the west of Scotland and beyond will benefit.

She said: "There's so many features that make Hazelwood special.

"The design makes it easy for children to move around and be independent.

"Subtle features such as the trail rail are very useful, while the materials used throughout - such as slate, cork and wood - make it a very stimulating environment.

"The new building is safe, but it is also challenging for the pupils, which is vital."

She added: "We're doing everything we can to stimulate the real environment outside these doors. The life skills house is a fantastic example of this.

"The staff and pupils already love the school - it really is fit for the 21st century.

"And we've had a wonderful welcome from the local community too."

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I feel this will be good for glasgow as there is a building constrution skills shortage in the locality. :)

PDF Doc Item 3. (6 pages)

Construction Skills Academy Proposal Training for the Future

Purpose of Report:
The purpose of this report is to seek agreement in principle to the development and operation of a
city wide Construction Skills Academy at the former St John’s Primary School, Laurieston. The
aim of the Academy will be to provide training for local people to allow them to take up
employment opportunities in the construction industry, as part of the regeneration of Glasgow.

The Executive Committee is asked to agree in principle to:-
i. the establishment of a Construction Skills Academy on the basis of the indicative costs
set out in this report, and
ii. instruct the Chief Executive to bring forward detailed proposals within the context of a full
business plan.

1.1 The aim of the Academy is to improve and develop the skills of local people
for construction-related employers, in order to underpin business success and
drive economic growth across Glasgow. The Academy will focus on
delivering construction skills that meet the needs of industry and will include
specialist training for new and emerging occupations within the construction
industry, including those skills involved in sustainable construction
1.2 CBG has been at the forefront of construction skills training for nearly 20
years delivering the City Council’s Apprentice Training Programme via its
SQA-accredited Training Centre at Queenslie, as well as, providing training to
its core workforce and sub-contract supply chain.
1.3 As part of Glasgow City Council’s social inclusion initiative, CBG and a
number of strategic public and private sector partners propose to develop and
operate an employer-led, city wide, construction skills academy, located on
the site of the former St John’s Primary School in Laurieston, on the south
side of Glasgow.
1.4 CBG and its partners, including Scottish Enterprise, Further Education
establishments and a number of private sector developers and construction
companies will, as part of this initiative, target those individuals not currently
in employment, education or training (NEETs) especially those in the 18 – 24
age group. In addition, initiatives involving female lone parents, adult
apprentices, and schemes aimed specifically at those on benefit and
disadvantaged groups, will be developed and implemented.
1.5 CBG’s partnership approach has seen an increase in the number of
construction apprentices being taken on this year from 70 to over 100 at no
additional cost to the Council. The recent ‘Construction for All Initiative’ has
seen an influx in applications from ethnic minorities, which will make this
years apprentice intake more reflective of the City’s population.
1.6 CBG has worked successfully in partnership with other training providers,
enterprise companies and the Further Education network for a number of
years. Following initial discussions with our partners in this area, we are
confident that they will support the proposed Academy. Our existing partners
include: -
• Glasgow North College
• Glasgow Metropolitan College
• John Wheatley College
• Scottish Enterprise Glasgow
• Local Enterprise Network
• JobCentre Plus
• Construction Skills (CITB)
Our partners will enhance the training offered and source organisations to
assist with employment opportunities. The funding for trainees on the
programme could also be supported by these organisations.



Work set to start on £1m skills academy

AN ambitious plan to help young people find work was being launched today in Glasgow.
The city council revealed work is to start on Scotland's first Skills Academy to train them for work in the construction industry.
The project will take £1million to launch on the site of the former St John's Primary School in Laurieston on the South Side.
Work is due to start in the next four weeks and the academy is expected to open early next year.
When fully operational there will be capacity for up to 400 trainees a year between the academy and work experience placements.
Skills academies were a pet project of the previous Executive but won't be funded under the new SNP government.
However, that hasn't deterred council leader Steven Purcell who is confident the city's £1m investment will be topped up by grants from other agencies and cash from employers ensuring it is fully resourced.
He said: "We believe this will be an employer-led skills academy that would improve and develop the skills of local people so they can enjoy and underpin Glasgow's current success and drive its economic growth."
The academy will target the thousands of people not in employment, education or training but particularly those in the 18-24 age bracket.
Unemployment claimants among 18-24 year olds fell just 1% in Glasgow last year, against 5% across Scotland.
The academy will also develop initiatives to help female lone parents and adult apprentices and schemes aimed specifically at those on benefit and disadvantaged groups.
City officials have already opened discussions with firms, including BAE Systems, City Holdings, New City Vision and Dawn Developments asking for their support and if they would use labour from the academy.
They say the initial response has been encouraging.
City Building is also working on a voluntary employment agreement where all contractors working for it would be expected to employ 5% of their workforce through the academy.
Mr Purcell added: "Firms across Glasgow need more people capable of carrying out skilled work in the building trade such as plumbers and electricians, and the academy will help people get into these trades, giving them the opportunity of regular employment. It will also help attract more investment to Glasgow."
Around 96,000 people are on benefits in Glasgow with 62,000 of them claiming incapacity benefit - nearly one in six of the working population.
The bill for incapacity benefit alone is £316m annually.
The unemployment rate of 11% is below the Scottish average.

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Evening Times

Nautical college backs £150m merger plan

Glasgow's nautical college will merge with the Metropolitan College​

TWO of Glasgow's largest colleges have announced plans to merge as part of a masterplan to create the city's first £150million further education campus.

A total of four colleges have have begun talks with a view to sharing a site - or sites.

If the plan gets the go-ahead Glasgow Metropolitan College, Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, the Central College of Commerce and Stow College would join in premises catering for around 25,000 students and 1000 staff. It would become one of the biggest college campuses in Europe.

As part of the plan Metropolitan and the Nautical College are now also looking at merger.

Education chiefs say the new campus would be a UK leader in the maritime, construction, tourism and design sectors. The Scottish Funding Council will now spend £5m drawing up designs for the super college.

The talks end months of uncertainty after the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies said it was pulling out of the plan.

It dropped out amid fears partners wanted to slash provision at the Thistle Street site.

Education bosses are currently looking at two sites in Cathedral Street and Thistle Street but have yet to finalise the total number of campuses.

Janet Okten, principal of Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, said: "This is a major project that will bring huge benefits to both students and Scottish industry.

"It will greatly enhance what we can offer our students in terms of the curriculum.

"And it will also allow us to meet the training needs for industry on a local, regional, national and international level. We are also very enthusiastic about the proposed merger with Glasgow Metropolitan College.

"It will allow us to attract more overseas students.

"The nautical college has built up excellent partnerships, particularly in India."

The nautical college is Scotland's biggest provider of specialist maritime studies.

Glasgow Metropolitan College was officially launched in February 2005 after the merger of Glasgow College of Building & Printing and Glasgow College of Food Technology.

It offers a range of courses in subjects including environment, media, design and tourism.

Glasgow Metropolitan College principal Tom Wilson said: "A key objective will be to make the merger seamless."
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