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far too many projects to note that are upcoming, but current large scale projects outside the inner city with tower cranes are

> westfield
> ivanhoe retail/office complex
> vantage hawthorn
> the well at camberwell
> sackville on burke rd
> box hill hospital
> [email protected]

someone posted this pic a while back in dandy, couldn't spot the post - whats currently happening there anyone?
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Are there any renderings available of the Box Hill Hospital?

Also, does anyone know what is planned for the site of the former Box Hill 10Pin bowling centre? It's been demolished and is now fenced off.
Can only hope something decent is going there.
stage one of box hill hospital is u/c over the road from the actual hospital, its four levels of office/consultancy suites and a few sub levels for parking. the new hospital will follow, the white building below is epworth eastern that was finished about two years ago

the new hospital might end up like this

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Who's designing Box Hill hospital?

A project not sure if anyone has mentioned (not sure if I did in the previous thread) is the Burwood Road Development for Swinburne University.

$60M new engineering building/front entrance for campus.

Probably be about 7-9 storeys.
Oh upcoming - currently in design competition. Scheduled to complete construction 2010.

Wow. that sounds scary. I will feel old in 2010.
What will happen to the old Box Hill Hospital?
From the Dandenong Journal, Monday June 25, 2007, p.3:

Big complex gets nod

A $90 million hotel and entertainment complex in Narre Warren has been approved by Casey Council.

Work on the development, Casey Towers, is expected to start next year.

It will be built on a vacant site on the Princes Highway at the gateway of the Fountain Gate-Narre Warren activity centre and include a hotel, convention and reception centre, and gymnasium.

The complex is due to open by December 2009.
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Have they got a render from the other side?

I'm interested to see the parking block that accompanies this.
Have they got a render from the other side?

I'm interested to see the parking block that accompanies this.
Which could be underground or within the building for all we know. Yeah it is the City of Casey, but that doesn't mean surface parking is a given.
Unfortunately, while there is some basement parking, there will also be a parking block of some discription - hopefully isn't too bad to look at.

Car parking will be provided in the basement of both buildings and in a multi-level car park, linked to the hotel by a covered walkway.
Unfortunately, while there is some basement parking, there will also be a parking block of some discription - hopefully isn't too bad to look at.
As long as it is more akin to inner city development rather than the standards we are accustomed to in Fountain Gate, or the "Casey Lifestyle Centre" it will be an improvement.

Casey CC have been mighty quick to process this particular application.

On the 14th of May, 2007 the Dandenong Journal reported that: "Plans yet to be lodged with the council will include a socio-economic impact statement."

And now it's already approved.
Found at:

More units on Pentridge site
Lachlan Hastings

WORK on 63 new apartments in Coburg is to start within weeks after a developer paid $42.5 million for part of the Pentridge Prison site in Coburg.

Sydney-based Valad Property Group's vision is to build 1130 units, townhouses and serviced apartments on its 8.5ha section of the site.

The historic site, which the company bought from the Pentridge Piazza developers, would also have a supermarket, shops,and a commercial centre.

Delays have plagued the site for years. It was sold separately to the bulk of the site, now Pentridge Village, after the jail was closed.

Valad residential projects manager Sam Renauf said he expected work to start on the first stage in the next two to four weeks.

Mr Renauf said Valad and its joint venture partner, Abadeen Group, would work with Heritage Victoria to improve and extend the approved site masterplan. "We see the fundamentals of the masterplan as good and sound," Mr Renauf said. "We don't intend to turn everything around."

He said Valad and Abadeen would strive to build good working relationships with the parties involved such as Moreland Council and Heritage Victoria.

Moreland Mayor Mark O'Brien last week welcomed the news, saying he looked forward to the development progressing.

"(I am) absolutely looking forward to meeting (the new owners)," Cr O'Brien said. "It will be good to see that area grow and contribute to the community."

Abadeen managing director Justin Brown said the redevelopment would be the largest mixed-use project in Melbourne's inner north.
^^ Trust Telstra to buck the trend of best practice and stick thousands of workers in the stix...
I htink they are relocating workers from other Telstra offices spread across suburban Melbourne, Head office and Sensis will still stay in the CBD.
It will be across the Road from Manash Uni in CLayton, next to the synchrotron, just a short drive from Eastlink.

This development will be at the cutting edge urban design:

The project is designed to deliver greater returns to Telstra Shareholders, increase the returns delivered to Telstra Shareholders and deliver Telstra Shareholders greater returns.
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Stack them on top of each other and shove them into Oakleigh, Huntingdale or Caulfield.
This development will be at the cutting edge urban design:
:lol: :rofl: :laugh:
Cutting edge, more like retro bland 1970s garbage. :eek:hno:
But its got sunshades and invisible trees - world class
In Clayton that's what we call quality, clearly inspired by Monash Medical Centre. Did you know a Nandos opened up in Clayton a couple of months ago? Speaking of Clayton I might get off my bum and get a few shots of the new Community Centre which is coming along nicely.
Don't forget the pinnacle of Clayton architecture, the Menzies Building.
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