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Detailed masterplan – ATKINS

To the west, close to the Metro station and Fountain Square lies a quarter with 45 villas, framed by Parisian-style, low-rise housing. The elegant Aypara Residence building, located directly at the centre of the quarter, will create a unique atmosphere, and will be a valuable contribution to the modern architecture of Baku.


Area – 22,5 ha and Gross Floor Area 335 720 sq.m. and 2 000 parking places.
Residential – 312 200 sq.м
Retail – 23 520 sq.м
Landscape – green streets and villas with gardens.


Specially secured villa plots in the centre of the city with a limited number of low-rise buildings and a low residential density.


The unique Aypara Residence Building located on the hill with spectacular views to the bay.
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