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This may sound like a rather unusual (some may say slightly dull) thread. Apologies!

I find certain areas of Birmingham very attractive and it's usually to do with the level of greenery that that particular locality has - the greener the better by and large. The contrast with other areas within Birmingham that have little obvious greenery is stark.

My question is would you also like to see more green in Birmingham and if so what ideas do you have to make the city more green.

To start with: I think the city centre should have a small park and I would place it at Baskerville Wharf close to where students, office workers and leisure visitors gather.
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I liked the suggestion made a few months ago (sorry can't recall who) of stretching Highgate Park so that it crossed several streets and carried parallel to Cheapside to eventually reach the future Smithfield site.

Edit - just seen O'flaneurie's post above - completely agree:)
Who own the kerb cleaning trucks though? They'd be the reason for keeping the drains free from leaves.
Penny pinching in the Lickeys I see - this will see visitor levels drop.
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Driving past yesterday and noticed all the trees planted in front of Northfield Leisure Centre have failed - will these be replaced?
Need to sort out lots more P+R sites for making sure people can get to where they want to be on frequent, cheap and clean buses to really create a cleaner city centre.
I would have SPRINT follow the street Metro routes (in the city centre) and use the same stops instead of closing some of them which are closer together.
Watching BBC2 Monty Don's American Gardens and the lovely Lurie Gardens in Downtown Chicago is something I think Brum should aspire towards.

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What Aqeembayor mentioned earlier about not enough bins in public places is absolutely correct. The popular parks in Brum need a series of bins that are for all kinds of packaging, a decent size that they can last a fair few hours and that there are many more of them and are emptied more frequently. I have been incensed with the pictures of the amount of litter left and have thought of a series of actions including:
  1. a relationship between the council, phone mobile GPS, and the police so that if the data of usage in any of the parks affected by excessive litter shows individuals have been there, then a message can flash to the user to ask if they have taken their litter home or have used the bins - this would give a Big Brother effect but without CCTV what can be done to keep an eye of offenders.
  2. the parks have more staff handing out flat pack cardboard boxes so that visitors can put their rubbish in them if the bins are full and leave them sealed and near the bins; this is if they can't take their litter home.
  3. lock the gates of parks where they have controlled access and messages say closed until visitors can treat the park better and to leave it how they find it.
Yeah I know some dodgy stuff but I am running out of ideas on how we can get people to show some responsibility and to respect their surroundings, and just to be nicer bloody human beings.
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Making hybrid and electric vehicles only allowed into the zone is probably the way to go but I would say we need at least 2 x P+R sites on the outside of the ring road asap.
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