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This may sound like a rather unusual (some may say slightly dull) thread. Apologies!

I find certain areas of Birmingham very attractive and it's usually to do with the level of greenery that that particular locality has - the greener the better by and large. The contrast with other areas within Birmingham that have little obvious greenery is stark.

My question is would you also like to see more green in Birmingham and if so what ideas do you have to make the city more green.

To start with: I think the city centre should have a small park and I would place it at Baskerville Wharf close to where students, office workers and leisure visitors gather.
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More green walls like they have outside the New St to Moor St entrance - an obvious one for me would be the Hill St Side Of the Station which is currently just a depressing black wall that acts as a magnet for taggers.

Great thread by the way! [emoji6][emoji106]
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Green Infrastructure (Inc. parks)

^^ certainly gives an indication of what's possible - with some thought & imagination Highgate Park could become Brums equivalent to Primrose Hill in London.
^^ yep and Nottingham is not immune by any stretch.

I reiterate - unfortunately it’s UK wide - countryside as well as city.
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It’s frustrating to see it anywhere - I live in the Cotswolds and many lanes are unfortunately littered.

Local councils can do only so much - some obviously do more than others. But it really needs a national initiative to instil some genuine pride back into the UK (not the flag waving nonsense).

At least there’s an attempt to create a greener city in Brum.

Some interesting arguments on this thread and how this should be done, so I won’t derail it any further.
The big green thing or the Incredible Hulk?!
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^^ brilliant initiative.

I hope there’s a massive publicity drive to go hard on littering - let’s see some genuine pride in people’s local environment, not the flag waving stuff which is empty and hollow.

If your proud of your village, town, city and country then you treat it with respect.

I visited Tokyo about 15 years ago - the worlds biggest city and it was spotless.

We can’t even keep a single hedgerow free of litter in the UK.

It would be great if Brum lead a litter free campaign off the back of the CWG, after all we want to encourage visitors to come back again after the games are over.
^^ shocking amount of litter in that park (assume Sheffield judging by the reporter who posted it) , & as you say it’s not just limited to one particular. The countryside is just as bad.

It’s a British disease that’s getting worse. If I was a tourist I’d give this place a swerve. No idea what the answer is. I bet if you had stopped and asked those in the park if they are proud to be British they would say yes, but their selfish attitudes definitely say otherwise.

I spent a few days in Tokyo and it was spotless. The worlds biggest metropolis.

What are we doing so wrong that other countries can get right?

Litter might seem trivial and a nimbyesque thing to go on about but it isn’t.

It really is about taking pride in your local environment.
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