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This may sound like a rather unusual (some may say slightly dull) thread. Apologies!

I find certain areas of Birmingham very attractive and it's usually to do with the level of greenery that that particular locality has - the greener the better by and large. The contrast with other areas within Birmingham that have little obvious greenery is stark.

My question is would you also like to see more green in Birmingham and if so what ideas do you have to make the city more green.

To start with: I think the city centre should have a small park and I would place it at Baskerville Wharf close to where students, office workers and leisure visitors gather.
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I’m always struck how green the city looks from the Library roof in the summer and more so from the top of say the Cube or Park Regis when you look over the south & west of the city. However I would like a few more green spaces within the ring road, as short of pigeon park there’s very few places to laze on the grass on our few sunny days without heading down to Eastside park. There’s a nice strip of trees & shady grass at the end of Holliday St but as that’s part of the Axis building area it’s likely to be swallowed up by construction over the next few years.

The perception is that our council is much keener on chopping down trees and paving over grass than the other way round, that’s probably not fair but it would be encouraging to have some pocket parks springing up around all the new buildings to off set the pollution and make that city even more liveable.
Ah cheers,I wondered where this could be after seeing it mentioned in Alice Fowler’s book Hidden Nature (where she kayaks around the canals of Brum), but never specified where it is (runs from the junction of Adderley St/Lower Trinity St over the Rainbow venues up to Montegue st to save anyone else looking).

There is also the Skypark proposal to create a linear park on the disused Duddeston viaduct in Digbeth, that should hopefully come about on the back of HS2-led development in Digbeth. This is in the vein of New York's Highline, and (more appropriately imho) Paris's Viaduct Des Arts/Promenade Plantée/Coulée Verte.
I love the idea of a canal-side park in central Brum too, must be loads of scope for that in the central area
Always said that demolishing the crappy Wharfside offices on Bridge st and making a small park along the canal between the Premium Inn and the Canal House would be ideal (for me) :)
Thats great news, improvements to the path are long overdue, they've done a good job on the canal towpaths in the city over the last few years, so hopefully something similar will be done here.
Dragged my bike out this morning for the first time since November and noticed the resurfacing work at Edgbaston Reservoir is about 90% complete. Pathwaypretty much done all the way from the rowing club round to the dam in a clockwise direction.

The surface is excellent and a joy to cycle along, hopefully it will be maintained as its massive improvement.
Yeah still there. Just to be clear all they've done is lay a tarmac path round most of the reservoir, they've not touched any of the buildings or the now closed off carpark.
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It always surprises me when huge new office building are constructed in the city centre given the inexorable march towards working from home. I work in IT/Financial Services and we've been on a 60/40 WFH policy for years now, as is the case for many of the roles across the sector.

Currently the 95% of the organisation (2000 odd) is working from home 100% compared to 25% of it 3 days a week, the company was supposedly looking for additional accommodation as our current desk space was becoming over subscribed but I can see them reviewing this decision after all this.

Speaking as a city centre dweller I'd much prefer construction to switch to residential away from office as I want to increase the population density (not right now, they can all stay the f**k away until the crisis is over :) ). Reducing the number of commuters into the city would be fantastic side affect of all this.

Going into the office 2/3 days a week suits me but if everyone did it what a difference it would make on the roads and packed trains.
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