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This may sound like a rather unusual (some may say slightly dull) thread. Apologies!

I find certain areas of Birmingham very attractive and it's usually to do with the level of greenery that that particular locality has - the greener the better by and large. The contrast with other areas within Birmingham that have little obvious greenery is stark.

My question is would you also like to see more green in Birmingham and if so what ideas do you have to make the city more green.

To start with: I think the city centre should have a small park and I would place it at Baskerville Wharf close to where students, office workers and leisure visitors gather.
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Thanks JD88, great thread. As more people start to live in city centre apartments, it will be increasingly more important to have green spaces in the centre. The irony is that as long-standing undeveloped sites are become more attractive to developers (a good thing), the potential space to develop genuine public green spaces starts to diminish (er, not so good).

There is currently a campaign on led by citypark4brum to ensure that a park is integrated into the Smithfield development. They are trying to attract 5,000 signatures, and have around 4,800 atm, so worth signing up if it's something you're interested in.

There is also the Skypark proposal to create a linear park on the disused Duddeston viaduct in Digbeth, that should hopefully come about on the back of HS2-led development in Digbeth. This is in the vein of New York's Highline, and (more appropriately imho) Paris's Viaduct Des Arts/Promenade Plantée/Coulée Verte.

Personally, I would like to see Highgate Park extended down to the River Rea whilst there is derelict land there. We've seen the housing application for Moseley Street this week, and with other housing developments in the area the population is set to rise around there. I love the idea of a canal-side park in central Brum too, must be loads of scope for that in the central area.

I agree with others that tree planting in the centre makes for a more civilised and healthy environment so planting more trees where appropriate always a good idea.
I think that's the problem JD88, green spaces aren't seen as "adding value" by some developers, yet we know people are drawn to green urban spaces, so you could argue that they increase footfall therefore benefiting nearby shops and restaurants. They have their own intrinsic value of course - well documented physical and psychological and environmental benefits. I'd add another benefit in Brum's case - that of reputation. Kill that concrete jungle tag once and for all by ensuring built development goes hand in hand with green development.

And yes, the views from Highgate Park towards central Birmingham are fantastic!
Highgate Park is definately overlooked and has a lot of promise. The views that you get from it are some of the best throughout the city. As people have said once residents move along Moseley Street and Cheapside it may allow the opportunity to invest more in the park.

I'm not sure how the park would move all the way to Smithfield however unless the Council decide to buy a strip of land.

In regards the petition for a park I'm glad that o'flaneurie informed us about this. With signatures moving towards the 5000 mark it clearly indicates that there is a strong demand for a central park. However, I can't see it happening at the heart of the Smithfield development unfortunately. Why would an international investor go to the trouble of spending money on demolition work to then construct a park in which it receives no rental income? Only some really savvy politics would allow it to happen I can imagine. Also it would be right next to the Bullring and the new markets and so I would have thought further leisure facilities would be favoured for development purposes.
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That would be brilliant, the lake is a nice touch, very Hyde Park. I was thinking more of a narrow strip extending down to Rea St or even Barford St, taking in the River Rea. You can see a large car park there atm. It borders the Smithfield site, so would link that area with southern end of a redeveloped Digbeth.
Something like this maybe:

No problem HD88, I was thinking perhaps more of smaller parks/ green spaces. And perhaps more of them m))
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The Big Green Conversation survey now available at
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