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This may sound like a rather unusual (some may say slightly dull) thread. Apologies!

I find certain areas of Birmingham very attractive and it's usually to do with the level of greenery that that particular locality has - the greener the better by and large. The contrast with other areas within Birmingham that have little obvious greenery is stark.

My question is would you also like to see more green in Birmingham and if so what ideas do you have to make the city more green.

To start with: I think the city centre should have a small park and I would place it at Baskerville Wharf close to where students, office workers and leisure visitors gather.
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Restoring the grass at Centenary Square would be great.

I'd like to see something like the Dingle in Shrewsbury built in Birmingham.

Also the voids at Navigation Street should all be filled in and grassed over and become the permanent home if the German Markets.
There's more to a park than just some green space, as I think those photos show. I'm not sure Birmingham has an equivalent to Wolverhampton's West Park, but that would be a good place to start. For one thing the presence of officials makes it feel safe, and the regular events and general focal points all around draw people. Plus the central location of the park really helps (it straddles the Ring Road).

The park is lined with lovely houses, which face the park, and give the street a feeling of completeness and planning.

Note that even around the park are areas of green space. Green space is a given and a necessity, parks are more than that.
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If privacy to the residents is an issue, how about repurposing the tower blocks completely?

With their proximity to the NIA and ICC they would make great hotels.

Alternatively, demolish the right hand two blocks and create a square park, then use the left hand two as hotels.
Just thinking how you could extend City Centre Gardens to create a large park from Cambridge Street to the canal on a small budget.

Ideally you would take down the 4 tower blocks but with some creative landscaping and design the towers could be left alone and incorporated into the park. The additional park space could be created by landscaping over the towers access roads and parking areas. Planting of tall shrubs and trees could be higher around the towers so they would blend in to the park landscape and still feel private to the residents. Free parking could be offered to the residents within one of the council run car parks on Brindley Drive so residents would not lose out.

I would only remove the low rise social housing block on Kingston Row meaning a small number of residents would need rehousing as a result. Maybe 20-30 I would guess?

To part of Cambridge Street I would create a service road for the buildings facing Centenary Square with remote controlled barriers at both ends. Remove the roundabout to make the park a little bigger and resurface the service road by continuing the paving scheme from Centenary Square.

The main entrance to the park would be from the passageway between the ICC and Rep Theatre and also directly from the canal network.

So if all this was costed I don’t think this would be a great deal of money to achieve. I will leave this with someone in the council to do the Cost-Benefit Analysis.
They will be building a huge green wall as part of the Wolverhampton Interchange scheme.
Black Country fells 6,359 trees over three years

Wolverhampton only cut 161 but that's still too many.

Dudley: 3,227
Sandwell: 2,070
Walsall: 901
Wolverhampton: 161

What is going on in Sandwell and Dudley that they feel need to waste so many trees?
Within 20 years that; it's doable.
They've got to change the CAZ signage. Coming onto the A38, first sign you get is "CAZ 50 yards ahead", when you've already committed to the turn and can't change it.
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