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What is the Romulus and Remus statue doing in Tokyo??? It's a replica I assume.
It was donated a reproduction in commemoration of Tokyo and friendship town of Rome City in 1937 by Rome City.

There is it in Japan one more.
The bronze statue which was donated on November 13, 2001 by Rome City
The Tokyo (Ajinomoto) stadium front

In commemoration of Japan and a French friendship, the ceremony of ignition was performed on April 28, 1998 and installed the genuine Statue of Liberty which French President Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto participated and carried from France until May 9, 1999.
I installed the article which I made in French Coubertin foundry of Quai d'Orsay official recognition for further 2000 years. I seem to say "a goddess of Daiba".
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