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Greens ready to pull plug!

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The Green Party has called for a General Election in January. Fianna Fáil will be furious.:cheers:
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About time. I can't wait for them and Fianna Fáil to be slaughtered.

Kind of makes the Donegal South-West by-election this Thursday a bit pointless, though.
I doubt it can be, some of the islands in the constituency have already voted.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a backbench revolt in Fianna Fáil now - each TD will want to be seen as the one who brought down the government in order to save the local hospital or roads or whatever.

Also, they can't have Cowen as leader going into general election - I wonder if Lenihan will take over or will his health mean another one will.

Exciting times, anyway! :cheers:
I wouldn't be surprised if Fine Gael (or some TDs from Fine Gael) helped to pass the budget on condition there is a general election straight after. I'd hate to see it happen, but wouldn't be surprised.
Micheal Lowry saying he won't support the budget! One independent down. Now will that other muppet support it? - says it is unlikely he will support it.

That means the Government may not be able to pass the budget.
Seems everyone's favourite gombeen (!), Jackie Healy-Rae is calling for an election too.
The Dáil Bar? :lol:
Don't know what is going on atm. Everything seems very chaotic. Where is Brian Cowen? In his bunker?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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