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This little thread will be in two parts and show some of downtown Greensboro.

Together with Winston-Salem and High Point, Greensboro forms a metropolitan area with about
1.5 million people.

Elm Street.

First Citizens Bank on the corner of Elm St. and Market St.

The Kress Building.

The Jefferson Pilot Building.

The Wachovia Tower.

West Market Street United Methodist Church.

United States Post Office and Court House.

The Carolina Theatre.

Blandwood Mansion is an A. J. Davis designed Tuscan Villa.

At the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University College (NC A&T SU) stands
the famous A&T Four Statue, which commemorates four students, who on February 1, 1960
carried out a lunch counter sit-in at the F.W. Woolworth Co.'s segregated lunch counter.
This statue was designed to remember this turning point and the struggles that followed.

Broach Theatre.

Greensboro Historical Museum


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@dj21, Clay_Rock, krull: Thanks for the nice comments! :)

Time for the second and last part.


The Wachovia Tower and the US Trust Center.

The short-story writer William Sydney Porter, who is also known as O. Henry was born in
Greensboro. Outside the US Trust Center you can find some statues dedicated to him.

Greensboro Cultural Center.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. monument, which basically says that he was supposed to come to
Greensboro but canceled and stayed in Memphis where he was a assassinated. Talk about an
unfortunate decision.

The AT&T Building and communications tower.

A neoclassical facade on this building on West Market Street.

The Millennium Gate.

Renaissance Plaza.

Natty Greene's.

The C.J. Kern Building.

Center City Park.

The Jefferson Pilot Building and the Wachovia Tower in the background.

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