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Greensboro's Proximity Hotel

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Its the first "green" hotel in North Carolina and the second "green" hotel built in the United States. The hotel has received awards and has even been mentioned in the New York Times. The Proximity is located about two miles northwest of downtown near its sister hotel "The O'Henry". The Proximity Hotel was named after the old Proximity textile mill in Greensboro. The hotel itself has cues from an old mill.

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BTW here is the sister hotel down the road "The O'Henry Hotel". It was named after the original O'Henry hotel that was downtown. The hotel was named after famous American short story writer William Sydney Porter who used the pen name "O'Henry". William Sydney Porter was born in 1862 in Greensboro, NC. His most famous story was "Gift of the Magi"

Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul stayed here when American Idol had auditions in Greensboro a few years ago.

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Proximity turned out to be much better looking than it was depicted in the rendering.
These photos are truly impressive. Very elegant hotel, without a doubt :eek:kay:
Thanks for the pics, Cityboi. The Proximity looks great along Wendover. That part of the city is really built up with the Proximity, O Henry and the hospital/medical center and other buildings in the area. Imagine if that area was better connected with downtown with sidewalks and bike paths ........maybe one day. :cheers:
There is a nearby proposed greenway that will connect to downtown along an abandoned rail line. However I dont agree with ripping up the rails. But that area is coming along nicely.
Nice. Can someone post the original rendering for comparison? I'm curious to see it after what Krazeeboi said.
Esto es un hotel agradable
articles on the Proximty Hotel: (Great reviews for this Greensboro hotel)

"Greensboro is an apt name for a town that will be home to one of the greenest hotels in the country."
- New York Times, September 2007

"Conservation doesn’t have to mean deprivation.”
National Geographic Traveler, April 2008

Named highest rated "Eco Getaway" by Outside Magazine, March 2008

"America’s greenest (indoor) spot to spend the night."
- Metropolitan Home, April 2008

Top 50 New Business Hotel in the World
- Fortune & Wallpaper, June 2008

"You’re showering with the warmth of the sun."
- USAirways Magazine, March 2008
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