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My boyfriend and I decided to get out of town for a couple of days, and the nearest best option was Greenville. I used to date a man who lived there, and I myself even lived there briefly. My overall impression is that Greenville would be a delightful place to live were it not for its neanderthal politics and a history of gruesome injustice, and beyond that the less said the better because it's likely to degenerate into an argument.

So on that note, just enjoy the pics.

Here's the Greenville Zoo.

There was a toucan near this bird, which caused my boyfriend to relate an amusing story about having been bitten by a toucan once when he still lived in Ecuador.

We stopped here to buy sodas imported from the Dominican Republic. For all its faults, Greenville is undeniably an international city. Rarely will you go out in public in Greenville and not hear at least three different languages being spoken.

Yes, that is in fact a mouse wearing a tricorner hat.

Greenville made its fortune with textiles. This is the shell of a mill standing by the Reedy River, now used as an event venue. Elsewhere along the river there are ruins of other mills.

Greenville is one of the very few cities in the nation, if not the world, to have an actual waterfall right in the middle of downtown.

Because every city needs a drooling warthog.

Note the bathtub.

I take a dim view of the Confederacy because I really just can't work myself up about the glory of a war fought to preserve rich people's right to hold human beings in bondage. Also, I come from the last state to secede, and which only did so because it was surrounded -- and which also ended up losing the most men to the conflict despite having the least reason to get involved in the first place. In my part of the state, in fact, atrocities were committed against us by the Confederate and Union soldiers alike. Thus, people in Western North Carolina have even less reason to give a shit about the Civil War than we might otherwise have.

Courage and integrity my fat, hairy ass.

I highly recommend the green glop. It was delicious.

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