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Grounds for divorce?

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Check this out! How gross:

Woman put dog excrement in husband's curry
May 2, 2007 - 8:01PM

A Scottish woman has admitted putting dog excrement in her husband's curry after their relationship broke down, the state prosecutor's office said today.

Jill Martin, 47, started laughing after placing the dish in front of husband Donald and watching him eat it, prosecutor Margaret Dunnipace told Paisley Sheriff Court in west central Scotland in comments quoted by the BBC online.

Her lawyer, Terry Gallanagh, reportedly said the case was like "an episode of Desperate Housewives," the award-winning United States comedy which follows the lives of five women in suburbia.

The March incident came amid trouble in the couple's 21-year marriage -- Gallanagh said Martin suffered mental abuse over five years and that her husband had questioned her parenting skills and started a business without her knowledge.

She also thought he had started an affair, although this belief turned out to be groundless.

After Martin's arrest, she was banned from going near her husband or their home in the plush suburb of Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

At first, she said she laced the curry with arsenic, but later said it was actually dog excrement.

Martin pleaded guilty to culpable and reckless conduct plus breaching the peace yesterday and will be sentenced on November 1.

The couple have now started divorce proceedings.
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