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GTC by FJP #77

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Country: 5 points
City: 3 points

*Only 3 guesses per post.
*You can't post two times consecutively.
*If the pic has been taken in your country you can't guess it.
*I will decide if I give you hints.

Forza Raalte 133 points
forvine 59 points
mij2 58 points
CPN 50 points
Kuesel 42 points
go mid east 29 points
momochan 19 points
Xäntårx 19 points
Nouvellecosse 16 points
DJOEZ 16 points
Ramses 16 points
Samba_Man 16 points
LesterKao 13 points
ParraMan 13 points
Cobucci 10 points
swisscross 9 points
LuckyLuke 8 points
AtlanticaC5 8 points
vigo80 8 points
NorthGermany 8 points
zaqattaq 8 points
Marcanadian 8 points
D.Boom 8 points
mr_storms 6 points
lldc 5 points
The Mad Hatter!! 5 points
Thelème 5 points
George W. Bush 5 points
Maberk 5 points
Barragon 5 points
ROCguy 3 points
Aquarius 3 points
DvW 3 points
dmg1mn 3 points
Siopao 1 points
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Where will can you see this image in few years? (The pic is not real)
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Ok, I've asked one thing and it's very possible that the page web from I get the pic is wrong.
I'm sorry :(
The city was Gwadar in Pakistan, the first picture is not from Gwadar, its only orientative that how it will be
Well this is the city now:

And here the masterplan:

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FJP said:
Where will can you see this image in few years? (The pic is not real)
Looks like another view of Rio.
dat's waikiki bra



:spam1: :D :spam1:
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What a confusing thread :lol: - I think a lot of us are a bit spaced up recently...
Atleast I'm still ok :)
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