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O K, this is my turn to create a dedicated GTC Thread for Uncheatable Pictures/Photos of cities :)

N O T E: This is a N O T a post and guess thread, unless, ofcourse i told you to (kinda like that of christos-greece s' thread).

Here are the Rules:

- crimio and WasabiHoney can put 4(FOUR) guesses not just 3(Three) .
- Do not guess cities from different countries in the same post
- Everyone else can only put 3 guesses per post, whether it's towns/cities.
- N O user-bashing/threats in here, or i'll contact the moderators .
- AND yes, i'll have points in this thread too .
- If the GTC picture is from Indonesia, then the points' system will be based on my other GTC thread, GTC Indonesia

Also, you get to earn (if the GTC picture is not located in Indonesia):

1 Point for guessing the right Country
2 points for guessing the right first-level administrative subdivision (i.e. Provinces, Counties, States, Oblasts, Voivodeships, et cetera)
3 points for guessing the right City / Town .
6 points
for guessing the right city/town right after the aerial photo has been posted.

This 'No to cheaters thread' can/may contain images of just about anything i'd (or you'd) be posting, be it old photos, Train station pictures , aerial pictures, Google Street View shots, highways, architectually-interesting strutures, Aerial photos of cities, et centera. (the list of 'categories' is to be posted later)

Any suggestion or ideas, please tell me! :cheers:

And so here are the list of categories that you and me should adhere to . :cheers: :

(Category number) (description)
#1: Indonesian Cities by the Google Earth view.
#2: Cities in the Asia-Pacific - Indonesia.
#3: Cities with snow.
#4: Cities in Indonesia.
#5: Cities by the Google Earth view.
#6: Cities in Oceania.
#7: The hard to spell, hard to read cities (by name).
#8: Cities in South America.
#9: Highways & Roads.
#10: Cities in Europe.
#11: Aerial views from Google Earth.
#12: Old photos.
#13: Airports around the world.
#14: Cities in Africa.
#15: Cities in North America.
#16: Unspecified (not hinted).
#17: Port Areas.
#18: Google Street View pictures.
#19: Aerial photos / pictures.
#20: Phillipine Cities by the Google Earth view.
#21: Airports of the world by the Aerial view.
#22: Airports of the world by the Google Earth view.
#23: Architectually-interesting structures .
#24: Buildings.
#25: Skyscrapers / other tall structures.
#26: Cities in the former Soviet Union / the C. I. S. states .
#27: Stadiums of the World.

And remember: over here all pics are uncheatable ! :banana:
O R :I don't serve cheaters in this thread (which is mine, since i'm the Thread Starter). Period. :)
Understand now, so let's start the guessing!

#1 (Category: x. Old photo and x. Aerial photo ) :

GTC No to cheaters picture #1 | Old Aerial photo by bozenBDJ, on Flickr
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