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OK guys I want to create this thread because I feel a bit disgusted about the way some hard pictures can be guessed in 5 minutes in other threads.
Once OK, twice OK, but I can not trust someone who guesses a street in Malaisia, then a city of Venezuela, then in Burkina Faso, then in China, in 5/10 minutes each time...
So in my thread I will post pictures that are not guessable by google reverse images (or so I think...and I hope there are not other reverse tools like that in the web).
Let's start !

Rules : three guesses by post. 1 point to country, 3 points to city. Ask me if you want to post one (and make sure the pic respects the main idea of this thread) :)

EDIT (page 87) :
From page 87, the scoring rules are :
- always 2 points for the country.
- and for the city :
- 1 point for the city if it's the biggest one or the capital.
- 2 points if the city is among the 5 biggest ones of the country.
- 3 points otherwise.

As this is the first one, I will exceptionally post 5 pics :

1 - 20 of 10890 Posts
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