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Guess the worldwide country/city... (#193)

first guess the country (3 guesses max.)
then when the country successfully guessed, you can guess the city (also 3 guesses max.)
If you are knowing the name of the exact place, location you will get extra 3 points
do not post twice in the row
do not edit your original posts

And please DO NOT CHEAT!
This thread will be open to anyone!

Brazilian001: 177
mayass: 172
pedrouraí: 159
Ani1: 140
Küsel: 143
Monvidal: 124
WonderlandPark: 115
christos-greece: 70
sallae2: 42
Rob73: 31
A Chicagoan: 25
madannie: 18
CVTine: 9
tiggyinmelbs: 8
okach1: 6
RokasLT: 6
crimio: 4
Balikbayan: 3
Knitemplar: 3
Midnight Sun: 3
anujmittal: 1
Georicky: 1
global-citizen: 1
djbowen: 1
Dober_86: 1
licenseplateman: 1
Rekarte: 1
trelka: 1

1,440 Posts
Ireland is right, 3 points for @Brazilian001

Kenmare Bay is wrong.

Rugby field is wrong too.

It is Gaelic Football field. Did anyone heard about this sport?

P.S. Ireland have another unique sport: Hurling.

P.S.S. I love Ireland, use to live there.

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Oh that's interesting, I never heard about it, looks similar to a rugby field.
Actually I checked already every fjord in Ireland and didn't find it... Glengariff?

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It is Glenbeigh, not Castlemaine Harbour, but you get right location, you get 3 points too. 👍

About Gaelic Football, they have goalkeeper, you can score only shooting by foot, but you can carry a ball and pass it with hands, you get points for score a goal down where goal keeper stay (will count it double) and points for score a goal above and they count it double way, that mean that score looks like this 2-9 : 1-8 which on the end is 13 : 11.

Game itself is very violent, similar to Rugby and they have game with Australians (who plays Australian Football) on mixed rules, they call that "International Rules" and one year they play in Ireland and one in Australia.

Gaelic Football final is biggest sport event in Ireland, they play it on Croke Park stadium which can have about 100.000 people attended and if they could sell 200.000 tickets, it would be not enough.
1681 - 1700 of 1730 Posts