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GUADALAJARA | Puerta de Guadalajara | 70 fl x 2 | 37 fl x 8 | 26 fl x 8 | 13 fl | Pro

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hope you like!! :)
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I hate those 16 mini same-design towers!

i love it!!
Very nice project for Mexico but the repetition makes it boring a bit. still cool though:)
Nice project. but what's the problem in making good thread titles?
I don't like the wall of towers either.They should redesign that.
The rest seems good.
The development as a whole looks very 70's like or outdated, especially the area with the open plaza. The only thing worth saving here would be the two tallest towers which imo don't deserve to be amongst such uninteresting structures...

oh, btw, the thread title format is incorrect...
the area looks empty
the project start in october 2008 :)
Ain't there a thread for this project already?
Ain't there a thread for this project already?
Wooow!!! Very nice project!!!
The towers look awesome. I don't like the other ones either. Another thing the area looks really empty.
thats because is in the outskirts of the city. where it just got engulfed by guadalajara.

Im from Guadalajara, but i know a bit of English...
American people... dont hope buildings as awesome and tall as you've got in New York or Chicago... we're in Mexico... but well, anyway, if you're looking por awesome buildings in Guadalajara, look for "Puerta de Hierro skyline", or "El Country skyline" those are the best skylines Guadalajara's got.
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You can also look for "Torrena Tower", the tallest building in Latin America, its about 1500ft high (388mts) Its also in Guadalajara, in the southern part of the city, while Puerta de Guadalajara is in the North
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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