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Harbor City

LOCATION: Baietan, Liwan District


The Guangzhou Shipyard plot is divided into three phases. The first phase of the plot will be sold in January 2020. The second and third phases of the Guangzhou Shipyard include 5.57 hectares of the original Guangzhou Shipyard’s self-renovated plot, which is now planned to be included in the purchase and storage. The planning and optimization of this time is the Guangzhou Shipbuilding Phase II plot. The project plot is located in the Dongsha area of Baietan Business District, Liwan District. The planning area is 22.59 hectares, and the AF0403 planning management unit where the plot is located covers an area of 140.2 hectares. The project is about 9.6 kilometers away from Guangzhou South Railway Station, and on the west side are Guangzhou Metro Line 11 (completed in 2023) and Foshan Metro Line 11 (long-term planning) Hedong East Station.

Location map , this project divided into 3 phases.

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