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The project consists of 120 apartments in 2 high-rise towers, connected by a 4-level garage and recreational facilities. This urban development is part of the mass transit joint development program developed by the Highway Authority to enhance rider sponsorship in the recently created mass transit system of San Juan. Next to a major highway, the building exploits the elevated site and its views towards the ocean and the San Juan Bay. Site planning had as principal objective to relate the development to the mass transit station next to the site in order to stress this project as a mass transit oriented development.


Informacion sobre los planes de desarrollo para las Parcelas A, B y C identificadas alrededor de la Estacion Martinez Nadal.

Proposed parcels for joint development

Martinez Nadal Station

The Martinez Nadal Station is located in the intersection of PR-20 (Martinez Nadal Expressway), PR-21, PR-19, and PR-17 (Piñero Avenue). The station is also nearby several established locations such as San Patricio Plaza, Corporate Office Park, and Hospital Metropolitano, and it offers direct access to the expressway.

"Martinez Nadal is one of four adjacent stations along PR-21 that have the potential to eventually become a backbone of transit-oriented development," said Novoa. "The other three stations are Las Lomas, San Francisco, and Medical Center."

The Martinez Nadal station has a projected daily ridership of 5,683 passengers. It has been designed as an active inter-modal and pedestrian station, with the following characteristics:

* Feeder service for various public transportation routes
* More than 1,100 park-and-ride spaces
* 342 square meters of retail space inside the station
* An extensive street, sidewalk, and plaza improvement program has been designed to improve the station’s environment and its integration to surrounding area

There are three parcels around the Martinez Nadal Station that have been identified by the HTA for joint development.

Parcel A–with approximately 8,000 square meters (two acres)–is located north of the station, between the PR-20 exit ramp, PR-17 (Piñero Avenue), and Las Lomas community.

"On Parcel A, the HTA envisions a walk-up or townhouse type residential joint development project. One of the objectives of this joint development projects is to extend the existing neighborhood and protect it from nearby transportation activities," said Novoa.

With 7,100 square meters (1.8 acres), Parcel B is located to the station’s east, adjacent to Las Lomas community.

The HTA also envisions a walk-up or townhouse type joint development residential project for Parcel B. And as with Parcel A, one of the objectives of this joint development project is to extend the existing neighborhood and protect it from nearby transportation activities.

The largest of the three parcels at Martinez Nadal station, Parcel C, is 12,358 square meters (3.14 acres). It is located south of the station’s entrance, and is part of a much wider area between the station and PR-21 known as the South area.

"The South area is being prepped to provide traffic flow improvements, including the station’s boulevard as well as widening of PR-21, improvements to sidewalks and plazas, and increase park-and-ride capacity," said Izquierdo.

The joint development of Parcel C is part of a master development plan that covers the entire South area. As joint development projects displace planned park-and-ride spaces, these will be required to provide replacement-parking capacity during peak hours, explained the DTPW Secretary.

For Parcel C, the HTA would like a dense and mixed-use transit-oriented development project that would include retail, residential, office, and parking facilities.

The frontal area along the station’s Boulevard should be dedicated to retail, restaurants, entertainment, or similar uses. Such uses must be coordinated with the retail concessions planned inside the station.

The upper floors should consist mainly of offices and/or residences. Parcel C and the entire South area have the capacity for a high-rise structure.


Torre residencial de 32 pisos.

Es posible que este otro render corresponda a una de las tres parcelas a desarrollarse en los alrededores de la Estacion Martinez Nadal y que no sea una variacion del primer proyecto. Puede que este equivocado. Esto solo son especulaciones.


Otras noticias:

DTOP: Ciudad Red brings new development on track with Tren Urbano


Imagine being able to work, shop and take care of business with public and private entities without ever having to get in or out of a car. Ciudad Red, an ambitious initiative aimed at supporting development along the Tren Urbano route, was created precisely to turn that ideal scenario into a reality.

"The goal of the program is to build a transit village surrounding the Tren Urbano corridor so our next generation will only have to use their vehicles on weekends," said Secretary of Transportation Gabriel Alcaraz Emmanuelli.

The Ciudad Red program was started in early 2005 and falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation & Public Works (DTOP by its Spanish acronym). It includes the Tren Urbano Joint Development Program, and a policy directive to position government facilities as near to Tren Urbano stations as possible, as well as to create innovative public and private mixed-use urban developments.

The Joint Development Program lends support to private development projects built on or around transit property under a specific business arrangement with the transit agency. DTOP and the Highways & Transportation Authority (HTA) own a great deal of land surrounding the Tren Urbano stations, which is made available to developers through a competitive bid process. The HTA assumes responsibility for the urban design parameters while the Urbanism Directorate oversees the developers' plans.

Norberto Guzman, newly appointed assistant to the secretary in charge of the Urbanism Directorate, said several projects are imminent and others are in the pipeline. He mentioned the recent groundbreaking for a 194-unit residential project at the Martinez Nadal station, as well as three other projects that are expected to get underway this year including a 146-unit residential project at Martinez Nadal and two mixed-use projects at the Roosevelt Station and Domenech Station. The former is a residential project with retail space on its ground level, while the latter will combine retail and office space and housing.

In the pipeline are two large-scale mixed-use projects in Hato Rey. One will be located at the Acuaexpreso site across from the Jose Agrelot Coliseum, while the second will be at the corner of Roosevelt and Muñoz Rivera Avenue. "We're currently evaluating proposals for another large mixed use project at Cupey Station and will select a developer soon," said Guzman, who spent seven years in Tren Urbano's Architecture & Urban Planning Department working on improving the Tren Urbano station areas before taking over as head of the Urbanism Directorate in early February. In his new position, he will oversee not only Ciudad Red, but also other important efforts under the jurisdiction of the Urbanism Directorate.

Guzman said the Cupey project would combine the new Department of Education headquarters, new residential housing, parking for Tren Urbano passengers and a dramatic pedestrian connection between the station and the UPR Botanical Gardens.

Guzman said Ciudad Red is designed specifically to support much-needed public and private joint ventures that will create a more transit- and pedestrian-friendly network, among other benefits. "The proximity to the stations is what makes these joint ventures beneficial in the physical sense," explained Guzman, "but they are also joint ventures in an economic and operational sense since the monies that are collected for development rights go directly back into the improvement of the transit system and in many cases developers agree to maintain or improve surrounding public facilities."

Other private developments around the Tren Urbano stations may also benefit from Ciudad Red: Government will encourage mixed-use development by facilitating the approval for the project's necessary permits and endorsements. In exchange, many developers must agree to maintain or improve surrounding public areas.

The new head of the Urbanism Directorate said Ciudad Red has tremendous potential to improve the quality of life of the residents of Puerto Rico. "This is a visionary effort to use the Tren Urbano investment as an organizing framework for a better, more sustainable, and more economically successful pattern of land use and development in the San Juan metropolitan area," he explained. "This is an important step toward making a world-class city even better."

Tomado de

Martínez Nadal Station Transit Oriented Development

San Juan, PR

Competition for the development of two separate projects, each with approximately 260 housing units. Each project oriented towards the nearest station of San Juan’s new mass transit system (Martínez Nadal Station).

Cost: n/a

Status: One project awarded, currently under development

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Jajaja ya vi lo de guaretos. Si Puerto Isla del Encanto, the Shining Star of the Caribbean, la llave del Caribe/de las Antillas, Ultima Posecion Española en las Americas.......tambien podemos añadir la isla donde la extension territorial no tiene limites y la isla donde las torres gemelas abundan a dos por chavo.

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Bueno a juzgar por estos pedazos de periodico (Caribbean Business) que encontre en el foro posteados hace muchos meses atras, los desarrollos en las Parcelas A y B ya tienen diseño. Espero en Dios que el desarrollo a cosntruirse en la Parcela C sea el edificio de 32 pisos del cual ya tenemos un render.


Desarrollo Parcela A

Desarrollo Parcela B

Desarrollo Parcela C (la mas grande)


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como que le hicieron bastantes cambios comparado al render anterior... se ve bien... el diseno como que confunde la perspectiva un poco, me gustaria ver un plano de planta ...

gracias por traer el nuevo render J
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