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Clínica Especialista en Circulación

LINK: Video sobre nuevo hospital y su torre en WAPA, incluye maquetas

Gracias a Joe T por las fotos y render del proyecto.

En el la foto de la izq se va a construir la nueva torre del Hospital

Issued : 06/12/2008

New hospital and medical building developing in Guaynabo

Volume: 36 | No: 23
Page : 02

Professional Hospital will have 202 licensed beds for general and vascular surgery and specialize in blood circulation.

A new hospital and medical office building is slated to open in Guaynabo in October.

Dr. Leonardo Valentín, owner of Professional Hospital on Felisa Rincón Avenue (formerly Las Cumbres Avenue) in Guaynabo, is investing $65 million to complete the project, which will include 202 licensed beds, a medical office building and a multilevel parking building.

Completion of the first phase, consisting of 85 licensed beds, is expected in October. The hospital will specialize in general surgical procedures, orthopedics, plastic surgery and vascular procedures, becoming the first hospital on the island to specialize in blood circulation.

“The whole project is divided into four phases. The first phase will be complete by October, which is the 85 licensed beds. The second and third phases will be finished in the next couple of years and include a 100,000-square-foot medical office building with 30,000 square feet on the first level for commercial space,” said Valentín.

According to Valentín, the commercial space will have a bank, a medical device company, various fast-food options, an imaging center for external patients and a local pharmacy.

Simultaneous to the construction of the medical office building, Valentín told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS, is the development of the eight-floor multilevel parking building with 900 parking spaces. “The total investment for phase one, the medical office building, and phase two, the multilevel parking building, is approximately $35 million,” he said. The second and third phases will start construction in October, and completion is expected in two years.

Professional Hospital’s initial investment, financed by Eurobank, comes to more than $20 million, without adding the total of soft costs. “The first phase, which is the initial development, translates into $20 million or more, while phase four, which will include an additional 117 beds, will be a smaller investment of $10 million. The hospital will have 202 licensed beds in the next four years,” said Valentín.

The idea of a vascular center specializing in blood circulation, Valentín told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS, was born from the fact that Hospital de Diego was closing, and there wasn’t one on the island. “There are vascular centers on the island, but none specialize in circulation. The circulation specialty is not vascular surgery alone; it includes angioplasties, catheters, noninvasive sonograms, laser and different surgical techniques,” he said.

Valentín also owns Professional Hospital in Manatí, formerly San Agustín Hospital. “This is a small hospital of 12 licensed beds. We started out with the Manatí hospital to have an idea of what a bigger project like the one in Guaynabo would be,” he said.

Imagen primera fase ya construida.



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Gracias por las fotos RalphLinzon! Y bienvenidos! :)
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