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Guess the City/Village [Egyptian Version]

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There are 29 Governorates (Mo7afzat) in Egypt. each one have cities and each city have villages around it. So Someone going to start by posting a picture of a City or a Village. but they have to state if it's a city or a Village because it could get very complicated. and who ever guess he city/village get points and post the next picture.

So to make this special we going to have a ranking system.

First to guess the Governorate (Mo7afza) gets - 1 point
First to guess the City gets - 3 points
Incase it's a village first to gusse it gets - 5 points.

at the End of each week I'm going to update the Ranking list on the first page here.

.:: Top Players ::.

Let began.

PS - It's favourable if you post picture from your own but not necessary.
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Let me Start, Nice and Easy.

It's A City.

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Port Said?
Doesn't look like my city Port-Said... I'll go with Zagazig...
Pretty close. but you need to start by guessing the Governorate first.

so Nope until now :D
Sharqia Governorate? Ismailia Governorate? Dakahlia Governorate?
O____o I've never seen this kind of houses in Egypt :lol:
yep it's ismailia gov. There are only 1 or 2 cities there so who ever see this gets 3 points. egypt69 you have 1 point its your turn now.

So its Ismailia City in Ismailia Governorate. My guess for 3 points.

Okay, guess the Governorate, then the City/Town/Village:

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lol, how do you know? you are wrong. JK. You need to say if its a city or a village. anyway, South Sina or North Sina?
Okay then. Ismailia is a City. Good now?

As for your guess, correct it is in the South Sinai Governorate. 1 point.
no i mean is you picture of a city or a village? And is that taba?
It's a small town.

Its not Taba.
My last gusse for today would be dahab.
you are not seriouse are you? You cannot imagine how hard is it to post a pic from my mobile. I'll try.
C'mon abdo, what's the city :p?
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