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Guess this city

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Welcome Nadini!

Is this Beirut or Haifa?
Should I just say it or wait for a few more try's?
Let people guess it, Is Forza right? You tell everybody once someone guesses it right.
When a city is guessed you should immeadetly say it is correct.

Just say: Yes Forza, Beirut is correct!
Ah ok, even if he gives two different city? Anyways then yes Forza, Beirut is right.
Thank you. To tell you the truth, I'm a big fan of Beirut and Lebanon. I wanted to travel it last year. My father has been in Lebanon when he was a soldier and he really wanted to turn back. But things got very chaotic with the death of the minister of foreign affairs so we decided we didn't go to Lebanon. How is the situation in Lebanon at the moment? Is it save for travelling?
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Right now the situation is calm, It is very hard to get tickets for the summer because they are all sold out! Well from what i've heard from my family in Ottawa. I hope Beirut will get it's fame back, and you guys should really visit it, you won't regret it that I tell you. There's a major construction boom since last year, and many highrises are being constructed :). And last week a 1.5 billion dollar project was announced and a bigger one is coming soon. Here you should visit this

See you :)
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I will surely visit Beirut once. I love the country, it is so diverse. But tell me; how can a country be sold out? Are no airplane tickets to Beirut available anymore?
Yeah that's what I mean. It's not sold out, it is just very hard to get one and expensive for this season. Since you can go ski and half an hour later go to the beach, many reserves tickets this time around. Beirut should expand it's airport to be able to accomodate more airplanes, it is something they should consider.
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That's amazing. I don't think there are many places on earth where you can ski in the morning in the morning and go to the beach a few minutes later. How hot is Lebanon in summer?
Yeah Lebanon is special for that reason. I was always amazed how it is very mountainious and how snowy it is. It's the only country in the middle-east that does not have a desert! :) Pretty special. Ahh Beirut can get up to 44 C with humidity, but normal tempeture in Beirut is around 30-40 C. Today it was around 32 C. If you go up in the mountains, let's say Harissa, Brumana or Bhamdoun, it is around 20-25 C.
Take a look at these pictures:

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