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Guess what came in the mail?????

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OMG, I received a survey from the MTA. With this is a free (One week pass) how funny. I wonder how they got my information?

I guess I'm supposed to return this to MTA and receive my free Metro pass and travel kit. Did anyone else received this mailer????
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^ I feel privileged and somewhat confused. The first thing that came to mind was (K) had something to do with this. lol!

Oh well I guess even I get junk mail, just like the old lady who received the letter to sign up for the Military........
^ Your sure are a bad Angelino..... 6 grade or what not. You should be ashamed of yourself Alex, even I caught the Orange Line like a couple of months ago. shame~shame!!!!!! :poke:
^^ What are you on Joey?
^ Yeah but, not really so sorry..... NO!!!
Well, I'm flying over to Argentina this Saturday. I'm going on a plane... technically, that counts as public transportation. :tongue3:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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